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Reasons – Why Pakistan is “Hatchery of Conspiracy Theories”

I still remember the story told to me in childhood that in 1965 war an army Jawan finished all the ammunition and was about to retreat when he saw a person in green clock came to him and handed over him unlimited cannon balls to fire on enemy. Due to sheer curiosity the jawan asked who he was. The pious man replied that he was Data Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajveri. Also that story, in which, an Indian pilot, who was given a task to destry Ravi Bridge, was captured in 1965 war and was asked as to why he didn’t blast the Ravi Bridge. “Whenever I came near the Ravi bridge, it appeared to me in three three and four four numbers and I was confused which one to blast”, he replied. And I grew up thinking why such divine help didn’t came in 1971, while we were losing.

Most of us, even literate, Pakistanis believe that 9/11 was an inside job, 26/11 was an inside job as well, OBL was a CIA myth created to enter Afghanistan and destroyed to get out of Afghanistan, Pakistan won the 1965 war, suicide bombings in Pakistan are being done by CIA, black water and India, Mohali semi final and Mumbai final were fixed, the 2010 flood in Pakistan, Haiti earth quake and tsunami in Japan are because of USA HAARP technology and wikileaks is a conspiracy against Pakistan etcetera.

Such theories and theoretical elements do exist in other countries as well but the way they are spread in Pakistan via SMS and Emails is over the top.

Why have our country become the hatchery of conspiracy theories, why can’t we as a nation think of some particular logical point – below mentioned reasons figure it out.

  1. 1.       No access to facts for a common man/ Delayed commission reports

Since our independence in 1947, Pakistanis have been kept in dark regarding any matter of National Interest. Right from so called “murder of Jinnah” to true reasons and true culprits of surrender of Dhaka till OBL operation on 2nd of May 2011. Just imagine that before the surrender in Dhaka Radio Pakistan was announcing that Pak Army was able to fight till last drop of blood and Indian Army was retreating until the instrument of surrender was signed.

What happened to Hamood Ur Rehman commission report, everyone knows, and till now, it is not made public in full due to “national interests”. First of all, commissions are not set up to probe into the matters which harm the national interests due to obvious reasons, viz.,  sometimes pressure from the Army and sometimes under foreign behest. If these are set up, the commission reports are delayed until general masses turn to another more serious issue, government changes, Martial Laws are set up, dictators get elected by referendums, emergencies are imposed, tables are thumped in the parliament, long marches happen, and then facts are denied. Meanwhile general masses listen to talk shows, discuss the issues between themselves and make an opinion and then stick to it. Most of the time the opinion turns out to be; “America was behind that incident”.

  1. 2.       Illiteracy

Pakistan is a country where education emergency is required to be imposed (which I hope), due to the fact that seventy hundred thousand children, of school going age, are not going to school. As per Pakistan Statistics website the literacy rate in Pakistan is only 45.09% in 2008-09 which is far lower than any other country in Asia.  One can clearly understand what would happen when a person who has no knowledge of socio-economic and geo-political situation of the present time, opine on any matter which gets spread via SMS and social networking websites. The effects of such un-authentic opinions are just not limited to a falsified perception of matter of international level but these have affected our own social culture at the most. Pakistan might be the only country where anybody can just give a verdict about anybody else and which even results in the death of other party. The murder of two young lads in Sialkot is a big example of such killer conspiracy theories.

Illiteracy plays an important role when it comes to religion. In a country where people contact ‘ Molvi Sahabs’ for each and everything in their lives from even ‘ablution’ and ‘Azan’ in the ear of new born till how to do ‘rujoo’ after ‘talaq’, especially in rural areas, any cleric would provide a ‘fatwa’ against somebody and people of my country would not hesitate to take the poor ‘somebody’s’ life, without even giving it a second thought.

  1. 3.       Media

Winston Churchill said, “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on”. To win in the race of breaking the news, sometimes, media plays an irresponsible role and airs and (or) writes such unauthentic stories which then lead to conspiracy theories. Today TV channels and newspapers promote the interests of their own group, country, race and (or) ethnicity in such a way that people start considering it true. In Pakistan we get to see all the news from all over the world. Our media is so strong that today camera and microphones reach the places where government opts to remain aloof. People watch news on their favourite channel and believe it without any confirmation. Publishing of fake Wikileak cable in our media is a big example of such hoax.

On the other hand availability of conspiracy theories on internet, which prove that social networking sites and search engines only show us what they want us to see and media is controlled by Rothschild Zionists is accepted with open arms by our general masses as these, in general, prove us innocent and victim, in particular. In this way we hide our weaknesses and mistakes behind blaming International media as “bias” instead of repairing the damage, caused by our own mistakes.

  1. 4.       Fallacious Text Books and Religious bias

Yes, you read it right. Fallacious text books have played and are playing an important role in making Pakistan “the hatchery of conspiracy theories”. The text books in which pupils are taught falsified history, the text books which install jingoism in the immature brains of kids, the text books which spread xenophobia and the text books which provide little brains with the idea that one can conquer the whole world by the “Nara e Takbeer” only and the text books which murder the history and teach the adolescents about the past “Mughal Glory” as if it was because of Pakistan and Pakistan will achieve the same ‘glory’ again as being the only destiny of the country,  are a major reason of our predestined situation as far as “development” of conspiracy theories is concerned and we don’t accept the ‘bitter facts’ like OBL was a perpetrator rather some people consider him “Mujahid e Azam” and rest of masses consider it a CIA myth to undermine Pakistan at International level. It is only because of such slay of our national ideology via text books that we as a nation are still confused after 63 years of independence and conspiracy theories keep on rolling here and there in “media debates” and “news articles” which could have been resolved decades earlier e.g.,  is the partition is justified or not? Did British create Pakistan while leaving the subcontinent? Was Pakistan created as a Muslim State or Islamic state? What is meant by Quaid’s 11 August speech? Can a Christian member of assembly deliver budget speech or not? List goes on.


The recent political scenario of Pakistan has made the nation more confused. It is all because of conspiracy theory mindset that every other person in the world is making plans against Pakistan, Prime Minister and President congratulate US on successful operation on OBL’s compound, army starts finding ‘perpetrators’ from within while senators and parliamentarians pray ‘Fatiha’  for OBL in the house.

Bottom line is; instead of accepting the problems and their reasons we wrap them into the shining paper of conspiracy theories and keep on the shelves of our ego for decades to come and generations to grow.  This is the dilemma of Pakistan’s history that we couldn’t solve any problem because we refused to accept there existed any.


Dilemma of an
overseas Pakistani

I am an overseas Pakistani and I work in a Multinational Organization. And by saying Multinational, I mean Multinational. Management is Chinese and German with colleagues from all over the world; mainly from Europe and India. There are a number of subcontractors as well to deal with. Almost 90% of the subcontractors come from Europe and rest of the 10% subcontractors belong to the rest-of-the-world. The story of such a cash flow, as to how this supremacy is working, I put on some other day. But this is not my today’s topic.

It started when Zardari “Party Inc.” first took over and soon the International call to Pakistan and VoIP rates augmented exponentially. In the past era there was not much difference between the rates for the call from UAE to Pakistan and India. One of my Indian colleagues said something against your credibility that the incremented price was a “Zardari Tax”. I smiled and explained to him in a defensive tone that Pakistan was going through a bad patch of economy, that’s why it happened. I also cited certain examples from good times like, “he must not forget that till 2007 our economy was so strong that PM of Pakistan had announced aid for Afghanistan as well”. So the good time will soon come and prices will go down.

Then it came 26/11. When your minister declared Mr. AK a Pakistani, you cannot imagine how embarrassed I felt. The day when my Indian colleague showed me the gulf news cutting that my own media was saying that AK belonged to Pakistan. “How can you deny the fact that ISI and your government are not involved in it”. He was laughing and smiling as he had got Pakistan make surrender again and he was right – because it was me who had an argument with him, the other day, in which I had tried to prove that 26/11 was an inside job otherwise how-come Mr. Karkary was assaulted
who was probing into the Malay Gaon and Godhra train incident and found out Hindu terrorists involvement. How “your Party” mishandled the situation was an outright failure.

Ah! The attack on Sri Lankan Team was another disaster I had to go through. It was a fine morning in the office when one of my British colleagues showed me the news on BBC that the team was attacked. “Oh”, I said. “So what? Pakistan is in the state of war and such things happen. Look at our brave police officers who gave their lives to save the team. And the driver was so brave that he took his bus out of the scene immediately so that nobody could get injured. I am proud of them”. My patriotism didn’t allow me to stop there as without any proof, I informed him that it was a revenge of what Pakistan did for Sri Lanka to get rid of Tamil tigers.  My colleague kept on standing at my workstation, then went away.

To cut the story short it has been same since the day Pakistan has been a “top” ally in the war against terrorism. There happens an incident (after being habitual of suicide attacks and terrorism, please allow me to summarize it in one word ‘incident’) and here I start getting ready for an explanation. It seems I owe an explanation to the world.

This kept on going the same manner and I kept on proving explanations to the world.

Year 2011 was started and my all European colleagues had come back from vacation after celebrating charismas. In the evening when I came back from site to the office, I found my German boss going somewhere. After seeing me he came back and told about what happened to Governor. “He was from Punjab right? He was helping a Christian lady and that’s why your police killed him.” He asked. “No boss! It was not my police, it is not our policy, and it is not our agenda. There are small number of and a bunch of people who are extremists”, I defended my police. “Did you see the news?”, he asked. “Okay let me check”. I opened the online news paper and found a policeman doing the murder. “Come on”, he said to me and went away. I looked at my Pakistani colleague who was posing as nothing had happened and he heard nothing. Then after that Shahbaz Bhatti’s assassination occurred and my boss called me in his office to give me the news. I defended Pakistan that it was an act of some brutal people which was condemnable. Anyway look how it took twenty five years for Sri Lanka to get hold on its land where once Tamil tigers dwelled and they had their own air force as well. So it’s just start and Pakistan would soon get rid of these perpetrators”.  Despite all my arguments, I could read on his face he would prefer to die over visiting Pakistan at any point in his rest of life.

The scandal of spot fixing had occurred and I had defended you enough. “The video  can be made after the match. Who knows when the video was shot? This was just a media hoax to undermine Pakistani top players. Whenever Pakistan visits England, some conspiracy is created. Remember the Oval test issue when Inzamam had to call the team out of ground because of Darrel Hair” were my arguments and looked so strong that my all British and Indian colleagues didn’t have a chance to say anything. Whenever some Indian tried to intervene, I made him silent by giving examples of Azhar-ud-Din.

Not to mention semi final loss at Mohali. I had an A4 size portrait of Afridi placed on my desk as my Indian colleagues and western follows were supporting India. Pakistan was being supported by only Pakistani bunch. Yes! When Pakistan lost I was with my colleagues at “Heroes”. “The way Misbah is playing, even a club team can win. Plus “catches win matches” and they dropped at least 5 catches”. When none of the argument seemed working, I elaborated the fact to the world that being a country in the state of war and reaching semi final in itself was a big achievement. Also just before world cup our players had gone through so much distress . After the match for almost 2 months, I didn’t listen to any Indian radio FM channel as there the win of that match was being celebrated which Pakistan could have won.

Then it happened second of May. It was a fine morning when I reached office when one of my Indian colleagues came to me and told that OBL was dead. I was surprised and told him that he had died five six times earlier as well but why he seemed so excited. His statement “actually OBL was captured in Abbotabad”, was start of shock for me. The further facts like “it was not a joint operation between US and Pak”, “OBL was residing in that location for the last six years” were even worst. When one of my Belgian colleague said that Pak Army was hiding OBL because of dollars was un-bearable for me. I told him that Pakistan was in the state of war and fighting a war which could have been fought by others. So we were not doing pro-bono of any kind. If Pakistan was getting something, it was her right. And the myth that Pakistan was getting something was an outright lie. “These are only promises and nothing else”, I told him with a spot face. Further, Pakistan was not claiming that it was a bilateral operation to save their army and people as Al-Qaida would definitely retaliate and Pakistan was an easy target, I told him my own peace of mind as if that was true and I had a news from inside”. My colleague went back.

Now after the PNS Mehran Base attack and killing of a Journalist, trust me, me and my arguments seem hollow and broken. I still argue with all those who give a bad name to Pakistan because I know my country is not bad. When someone comes to me and says that Pakistani players are not allowed to take part in IPL, I still argue that Pakistan is very soon going to start its own IPL equivalent. So it doesn’t matter. Rather it is good that Pakistanis are focussing on their own game.

When things go in wrong direction, they go altogether. Same is happening to Pakistan. Whether this is economy, culture, governmental institutions, law and order or sports etcetera. But my dear country I am tired rather sick and tired of defending your policies in-front of other nationalities. I have a problem that I cannot listen anything against you. I can argue with the other person for ages to prove you are right but from my deepest core of heart, I have started to think that my arguments, my fact and figures are hollow and weightless. Why do I have to defend Pakistan again and again? Why do I have to elaborate to the people that there are no no-go areas in Pakistan? Why do I have to explain to the people that what Pakistan has achieved in the war of terrorism is what 28 countries in Afghanistan didn’t achieve? Why do I have to tell to the world Pakistan is will be the biggest economy of recent years as she has lots of resources like Thar coal? Why do I have to give details to people that the situation of minorities in Pakistan is not so bad as compared with minorities’ situation in neighbouring countries? And last but not least why do I have to, even after 63 years of so called independence, give explanation to the world that the creation of Pakistan is justified while there are more Muslims residing in India in an awful condition and two nation theory still exists?

Yesterday my American subcontractor came back from US. After saying to me hello he told me that he believes this was a joint operation and I just smiled.

Hello world!

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