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The Curious Case of Mr. Zulfiqar

I am Zulfiqar, a common man of a faraway village of Pakistan. I represent those who start striving for health, education, food and shelter right from their birth.

I fight against the system, I rebel against oppressors, I stand up against filthy capitalist, I am against fake democracy and dictatorship. In short I am at war against those who don’t let me practice my religion with that system which is not letting me prosper!

I am the one who always go to the Jalsas of politicians as if they are the messiah. I attended the Jalsa of Jinnah with a hope that I will be given my basic rights for religion. I participated in the political movement of Bhutto with a hope that I will given my basic rights and then I was also spotted attending the procession of Sharifs in order to have better infrastructure to boost-up my livelihood. Then I was in the front lines of the processions, rallies and sit-ins in the favour to restore CJ in the hope to get fast justice.

But to my regret I must say that now all these false gods have been broken from within. No political party delivered what they were meant to, instead poverty, unemployment, hunger, law and order situation and even my religion has been compromised. I stand nowhere in the world.

I am Zulfiqar and now once again, I am again holding the flag of PTI in my hands with a hope that I will have a corruption free Islamic Welfare state in the coming years. I sold my belongings to attend the Jalsa in Karachi!!! How foolish I am?