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Advisor: I see that our graph of popularity is going down day by day. People are on the streets vouching for even a dictatorship which could provide them with electricity and gas, a leadership which could control price hike in the petroleum products and lower down the poverty level.

President: these things are there since our party took charge of the government. What’s new in it?

Advisor: sir nothing is new, I just wanted to make a point that this is our last parliamentary year and if this remains the same then for sure our party is going to lose significantly.

President: who are the opponents to whom you are scared and scaring me as well?

Advisor: The biggest opponent is the masses.

President: Noted.

Advisor: (sigh)

President: OK. Let me know what the driving force is, behind the street protest as you know we are doing our level best to meet the state people requirements. We cannot provide subsidy on all the products as our GDP is already pretty low. If we start providing subsidy on each and every product than country will go bankrupt in no time.

Advisor: understood sir, but I have a solution to this which I wanted to discuss with you.

President: you know I have no time for this. You may table your proposal in next cabinet meeting.

Advisor: Will do, but if I am confident that you have agreed upon, I will be confident in doing so.

President: Make it short.

Advisor: Sir, how about

–          widening the tax net

–          imposing the tax on the agriculture

–          Firing all the “political hires” from the institutions and bringing on board the people on merit.

–          Making FBR an independent institution, I know it is already independent but only in papers.

–          The privatization commissioning to be made more and more transparent.

–          Commercial and Technical Bidding of the major projects like oil/gas etc to be transparent.

–          Lowering down the Presidential and PM house expenditures and spending on the education.

–          Start relying on ourselves and start to explore new mineral and oil/gas reserves. No need calling for third party companies to do so. Our country must establish institutions of its own. The expertise can be developed by getting overseas trainings etc.

–          Government must give priority to opening new schools and colleges with a vision that a school  shall be turned into college in and a college into university in maximum 15 to 20 years. Keep the standard of universities and colleges so high, zero tolerance policy on standard of such institutions, so that foreigners can come to our country for education. This in turn shall prove to be big economic asset for country and our party as well. Our party shall be commemorated in history in golden words.

President: are you finished or yet there are other points?

Advisor: Sir I have more.

President: I don’t have time for all this right now. You may table them in next cabinet meeting and I will make sure a working committee is set up to ponder upon your thoughts. Your main concern was party and next elections?

 Advisor: Yes

President: I have another plan for that.

Advisor:  And what’s that?

President: You know that our masses literally crave for foreign teams playing cricket in the country and our masses also want disputed territorial issues to be resolved with neighbouring country. If the load shedding and gas issues are resolved in next three to four months than people shall forget the previous years.

Advisor: I second.

President: to start with, I am going to pay a visit to neighbouring country to ask if they can send their cricket team to our country. Then I plan to do a treaty to buy electricity from neighbouring countries. You will see the things moving in favour of our party as now I am going to take personal care about bashing other parties as well. And yes don’t forget to present your points in the next cabinet’s meeting.

Advisor: Thinking…