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We Pakistanis are no doubt living in an illusion world in every walk of the life. We have our own perceptions of everything and we stick to it without any justification. Since child hood we are pushed into the illusions about Pakistan like, castle of Islam, peaceful country, prosperity, cleanliness, honesty, education, hospitality, friendship with china, Pakistan’s role as a sovereign country etc. But when we grow up we see that none of the above ‘key words’ are existing in the society. We are intolerant, we don’t have manners of conversation, we are not aware of the word ‘queue’, we litter on the roads, we park wrongly, we don’t stop at red signal, we loot the public money, in government offices, from peon till president is corrupt, we don’t have education as our priority, we don’t know health reforms, we back stab our colleagues and we are going far away from religion as well. On the international level, we have lost our credibility and Pakistanis are pronounced as terrorists, despite the fact that none of the Pakistanis was involved in 9/11 or major acts of terror. USA can kill our 24 soldiers and not a single word of apology! Even an anchor from CNN gets the courage to interview the PM and say “heyy PM look into my eyes and tell me…”. China, so called, all weather friend, acts like a business man all the times and is always interested only about his profits.

The biggest illusion is created by politicians everyday on political talk shows which start in the early evening and continue till late night. These political yanks not only confuse the nation with distorted facts, they are also a reason for disappointments in the nation. When asked by one of the famous politicians (Mr. Gondal) of the ruling regime about the conviction of the PM, he went on to comparing the PM with Bhagat Singh and Ghazi Ilm Din Shaheed as both were convicted ones yet considered as heroes. This statement left everyone including anchor astonished and surprised, the same way PM Gilani left the CNN anchor astonished. When asked about shifting industry from Pakistan to other countries the statement came from Mr. Gondal’s mouth was comparing the shifting and (or) shifted industry from Europe to other countries. What a confusion! What a chaos! What a shame! Either Mr. Gondal was unaware of industrialization of Europe and history of heroes or he was deliberately confusing the nation. There is a famous saying that when one cannot convince the other one, one still has the liberty to confuse other one. This was what Mr. Gondal doing.

Another type of illusion is by social media. Why I claim so, is because whenever I click my home button on Facebook, half of the page is full of such illusions. Sometimes Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and associates are shown behind the bars, as beggars, being hanged at the cross roads and so on and so forth. on the other hand there is a group who keeps on posting the fallacious facts about Pakistan’s prosperity and wealth. Thar coal reserves are the biggest example of such posts. It seems that we as a nation love to create illusions and confusion and wish our wishful thinking as facts. The question is; does such kind of stuff really make us and how far it is from reality? In fact this kind of un-ethical stuff circulating around the web not only pollutes the creativity but is taking us away from the veracity.

We have been made a confused society overall by our text books, ruling elite since 1947 and now by media. Our policy makers must start redefining the country policy from scratch and admitting the fact we are NOT a sovereign nation by any length. Our trade, our foreign policy, our say in UN, i.e., almost everything is hostage to the nations who dictate.

The only way to come out of this confusion for youth is to face the realities and try to overcome the short comings on individual level and not by just posting distorted fact and non-realistic photos on Facebook.