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1. A Common man is frustrated

A common Pakistani is quite frustrated. He is disturbed due to lack of justice and social inequality makes him annoyed and rebel against the government. He thinks it is right and his right to make others suffer the way he is. It is not just because he is going through a trauma; it is mainly because what he sees around himself.  Social inequality, poverty, joblessness, domestic issues and on the other-side carpeted roads, SUVs, rout protocol of VIPs. He wants to get rid of this socioeconomic culture prevailing in Pakistan just in a flash. He is peripatetic like a headless chicken, he is confused, he is leaderless, he is hopeless and he is desperate to change the system.

Same was with this man Sikandar who out of sheer frustration went on to challenge the security institutions of country. He wanted the release of his son from Dubai Jail.

2. If you are powerful (Pakistani), snatch your ‘right’

It is now becoming order of the day to use power to make your demands. It only takes couple of guns, two small kids and a feared wife to jam the whole city. The theory behind this act to use power and family as human shield is snatch your right as nobody will not offer it to you in the plate. A common man already doesn’t have trust in the social justice system. He has listened so much lies and faced betrayals from people of his trust that it makes a common a man think that he is right in his demands even if he is wrong. Also what he sees around is the same, what powerful people do. People who have power can come and abduct a prime minister’s son, dacoits can use power and make Punjab police retreat, some well powerful gang can break the jail even, a policeman gives the ticket to some powerful guy fearing his job, a poor road hostess has to face slaps if she is late in bringing water to her customer, Karachi extortionist mafia and the list goes on.

Now Sikandar’s son might be in jail because of some crime but he went on to demanding the release of his son as he might have thought that his imprisonment wasn’t justified and by use of power he can force the government to meet his demands. Sikander might have to think tens of time before taking such a step in UAE which has zero tolerance policy for such acts.

3. Religion is the best selling commodity in Pakistan

One of the demands of Sikandar was to impose Shariah Law in the country. Don’t get surprised on this. It is common in Pakistan to use religion in every walk of life, right or wrong, doesn’t matter. If your business, politics, propaganda against your rivals, law making in the parliament and using religion for political gain , sports and day-to-day chores are mixed with religion (in Pakistan especially) you have the sympathies of the public. Sikandar knew it and that why along-with his main demand of release of his son from Dubai jail he considered it worthwhile to use religion to gain sympathies of the public. Till date Taliban are using power to make Pakistan a theological state and government is still on the way make a policy to counter them.

Sikandar was no different. He thought, he had power, hostages and his demands mixed with religion. Who would dare go against him?

4. Security Agencies lack Morale

The fiasco of police to counter Mr. Sikander at the very first check post or within half an hour of his firing unveils how much morale of our forces is down. They lack courage and due to political and judicial pressures, the decision making capacity of our police is vanishing day by day. Its first example we saw in the DI Jail Break scenario when guards opened the doors by themselves for Taliban and hid in the drains. Second we saw yesterday when Islamabad police was looking towards Aabpara and political leadership for the orders and it took more than 5.5 hours to get rid of Mr. Sikandar and how the culprit was removed from the scene is itself a big question mark. What could have been done was to cordon off the area from the public and take the action immediately after camouflaging the area, e.g., building smoke screen etc and commandoes would have captured him but, there seemed nobody to take decision at that moment to take a decision. Sometimes media reported that snipers had been called and sometimes that Interior minister had ordered to capture Mr. Sikandar alive.

Police allowed a third person to enter the scene in the disguise of negotiator with an aim to capture Mr. Sikandar. It is still not clear if it was police was aware of Mr. Zamurd Khan’s plans or it was his own decision. If it was Mr. Zamurd Khan’s own decision, he must be tried for risking his and the Sikandar’s family’s lives. Mr. Zamurd wasn’t well equipped and fell down. He could have been easily shot.

5. Political leadership is incompetent

Imagine that a country’s capital is under siege. A single armed had taken whole nation (via media) and his family hostage  to force the government to meet his unprecedented demands. All the channels start showing it live. Whole country sticks to the TVs to watch the end of that saga, Conspiracy theories start brewing, police starts searching the culprit’s home in Hafizabad District, people start getting to know the family tree of Mr. Sikandar but wait; where is interior ministry? Why is no SOP made to encounter such a situation? If there was SOP in place what was hindering police to act upon? Now when this drama has come to an end, Nawaz Sharif has ordered the enquiry in to the matter which would advise as to whose fault was this that he entered Islamabad with weapons and whose responsibility was to capture him? Applause Mr. PM, applause. Where ere you yesterday when all that happened and are you telling the nation that our security agencies FIA, Police, IB, CID, ISI have not been provided with any kind of SOP to deal with such matters? Why was he able to take unlicensed automatic weapons with him and how it was possible for him to take a room in Islamabad hotel by telling his fake ID? Please don’t put the blame to the last regime. You and your party have in power in this country for the last circa thirty years. I hope this enquiry report shall not be kept in the cabinet of some section officer till another such situation is created in the capital. It is just like every year our country is flooded and every years our political leadership visit the flooded areas, rant slogans but there is no concrete policy to encounter it.

This incompetence is the reason that people lack trust in the government and its agencies (not only in security agencies but also other institutions as well) and allow people like Mr. Zamurd Khan to enter the scene and bag the ‘hero award’. What we need is real heroes from the government agencies not who enter the scene via parachute.