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Five Reasons Pakistan is still 100 years back!
Posted on April 23, 2014

Now days, when I see the situation in Pakistan, I am taken aback a century in united India. Let’s see the resemblance of then united India and now Independent Pakistan.

Muslim Minorities were under attack by Hindu Majority. Same is the case in Pakistan only the victims are swapped. Thousands of Hindu people are forced to migrate to India from their own land. The girls of minorities are raped and converted forcefully. Sikhs in KPK are crying for succor. Christian community is living in the shadows of terror. Parsi community in Pakistan is drastically reduced if we compare now and at the time of partition or even before that.
Fanatic Mullas were against Liberal Jinnah in united India. Fanatic Mullas in today’s Pakistan are against almost everything which is progressive.
Hundred years back Ali brothers were fighting for the freedom of press and speech. In today’s Pakistan journalists are fighting for the same.
In last century innocents were abducted from their homes by British and were left to rout in the solitary confinements at undisclosed locations, today the same is happening in Pakistan. Ask people of Balochistan in this regard. British Raj was imposing the black laws like Press Act and Rowlatt Act to muzzle the mouths of independent press and to curb the independence movement. Today in Pakistan Protection of Pakistan Ordinance is being implemented which is flouting the tenor of constitution.
Here is an excerpt from the letter which Ali Brothers wrote to the Viiceroy of India on April 24, 1919, discussing the Rowlatt Act, read and think aren’t we standing at the same point where British Muslims were in last century these days. Just replace the word Bengal by Balochistan and Rowlatt Bill with Pakistan Protection Ordinance:

“The Rowlatt Bill just enacted in the most tyrannical manner has ended the reign of law and substituted a reign of terror in its place, and although it effects every section of people of India, the Mussalmans are certain to be its first , and its worst victims. It has been the Muslim press that has suffered most under the Press Act; and the same has been true of the Defence of India Act, if we only exclude the unfortunate young men of Bengal routing in solitary cells or swampy Island without trial or hope of release…”.

He further writes, “We, who have already had enough experience of “executive discretion”, and of “investigating authorities”, sitting in camera, partially inquiring into undefined charges, and dealing with undisclosed “evidence” without the help of any code or procedure or law of evidence, submitting reports that cannot bear the light of the day, and finally dismissed as ignorant persons for all their pains, can claim to speak with some authority, and say that the “Black Act” is nothing more or less than the virtual outlawry.”

5. The political situation of Indian Muslims was in turmoil, they were divided in different parties, some had joined congress with a pathetic hope against hope that Muslims could gain some sociopolitical relief in United India and some had joined Muslims League with a demand to get separate electorate. Muslim clerics and Mullas were even then bug bearers of religious heterodoxy. In today’s Pakistan we see the same situation. Mullahs are even more violent and Muslims remain in fear of being chaffed by co-religionists. The religious political parties are divided and are not able to bring a common man at one platform for a common good. They are joined to bring some useful reforms rather we have gone back. The most prestigious position of Islamic Ideological Council is occupied by a person who doesn’t know how DNA can be used as evidence.


Every state makes such laws in order to protect its citizens, property and sovereignty as to convict those who attempt to sabotage the peace in the country. But these laws are always made keeping in view the human rights and personal freedom. But when we look at the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance, it seems to violate those human rights, democracy and constitution. The security forces can kill anybody under the doubt of him being terrorist and fanatic alien war monger!
People of Pakistan already have enough experience of administrative directives and ordinances which have enacted the rule of Military fright instead of rule of law for over quarter of a century. People of the country especially the ones from Balochistan have already enough experience of rotting in the solitary confinements at undisclosed locations, in-camera inquiries highly classified evidences and unpublished reports.
When police or security agencies would be allowed to keep any person on the mere doubt in their custody for up to ninety days and if the security officers kill someone just because they thought one as criminal, PPO shall be there to cover this outlawry. Who can guarantee that the law shall not be (mis)used to settle personal vendetta? Why is it necessary for forces to keep a person in custody for up to ninety days without any charge? Doesn’t this show the incompetence of our law enforcement agencies that they are unable to carry out the preliminary investigation in twenty four hours’ time prior to producing the accused in front of magistrate? Instead of enhancing the capabilities of our security forces, taking preemptive security measures and deploying latest technology to curb the fanatics, our government have found an easy way out to promulgate such a tyrannical law that shall just deprive more mothers of their ‘missing’ sons and probably more mass graveyards.
It is also a matter of concern the way PMLN government has get it passed from NA without paying heed to the amendments proposed by the opposition. Such autocratic measures leave no second opinion on the fact that Pakistan is being drifted farther away from the civilian rule and more unrest because government doesn’t seem to agree to get the validity of this law tested in National Assembly both in form and in substance. Now if apex court (most probably) takes notice on the conflicting clauses of this ordinance with constitution and human rights, we will see government crying foul that such notices by court are an attempt to undermine the parliament. Why it is so hard to do the right thing at first place?
Moreover, such laws are only passed when an alien government wants to suppress the native people by implanting fear of security agencies so that their mouths are muzzled such as to curb freedom of speech and press. Fetters and gags are planted by this kind of laws on the people who are considered slaves. But Pakistan is free country and if even after freedom we need such ‘black laws’ in order to maintain integrity, peace and law & order, I fear we are heading towards another Jalianwala Bagh incident after British passed Rowlatt Act.

Mursalan Haider
Beijing, Haidian China