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Some think tanks  suggests that the rise of Pakistan is just a matter of time. I agree because yes this is just a matter of time for every nation. In today’s global village there is no other option. But the point is that, since we are hundred years back from the world our time to rise is also with the same proportion.

Fact is that Pakistan as a state has utterly failed insofar as scruples are concerned to be run. It has failed to ameliorate the backward condition of its inhabitants and masses still craving for the same freedom as they were during colonial era. One is coerced into cogitating that the current functioning of state is worst than some autocracy. The state is numb. The incident of Baldia Town garments factory is a living example as to how fact we are becoming a numb nations, an inchoate failed state where the it is prerogative of some militant wings of a party to hijack whole judiciary and police a silent spectators or their mouths are muzzled and eyes blind folded with money so that culprits are saved. No when the report is promulgated and presented in the court, the so called journalists like Hamid Mir are trying to dilute the fact that MQM was involved in this incident.

This incident reveled once again that Pakistan state cannot hear the voices of people who are burnt alive in a factory because the owner of that establishment failed to pay the extortion money to MQM. This report suggests as to how Police and Judiciary i.e., state, helped the criminals to get away with the broad day light murder of the more than 250 poor and innocent workers. Albeit, the mainstream parties of Pakistan are working hard to secure some seats in senate with the help of MQM. They rejoice that PPP reached an agreement with MQM and very soon MQM will be on the treasury benches in Sind Assembly. Now a days the biggest question in my mind is if Pakistan really a failed state or inchoate failed state moving swiftly towards a big failure? Wait, what if Pakistan is not a nascent failed state but a numb one? No one key person in the government will take this failure’s responsibility but and like past small scale policemen will be held so.

The list of such internal failures is long and state seems to be hijacked by mafias., religious and ethnical mafias for the past seven decades. But have Pakistan achieved at international front? This is another tale of failures without anyone responsible.

Is it not true that Pakistan is isolated in the world at all the fronts and at international levels Pakistan’s voice is not being heard. Is it not the fact that Pakistan has lost its integrity and respect once possessed in 60s and 70s. But who is responsible for that?

All the world’s economic leaders  and UNSC veto power states are/ have been visiting India while no significant leader visited Pakistan in the past 7 ~ 8 years. Insofar as respect for any nation is concerned, the obvious yard stick to measure it is the country’s passport and Pakistan’s Passport is ranked one of the lowest in the world, bracketed with that of civil war and famine ridden Somalia. In the past decade, I can’t recall any significant success by Pakistan even in sports, let alone, diplomatic fronts. Our so called intellectuals give this lullaby to the nation that India cannot become the member of UNSC despite US support but they forget that at least India is in the queue to become a permanent member of security council but where does Pakistan stand?  Is there any, even, mere chance for Pakistan to play a bigger role in Security council? The answer today is No. This is the difference when a country has nothing to offer to the world except terror and no self reliance.

This is today’s Pakistan, where no one is responsible. You may murder, do corruption, may create Petrol Crisis, fail on International fronts, surrender in the battle field to enemy but state remain irresponsible.

Till we as a nation don’t held those responsible who ruled this country in past seven decades, world won’t even allow us to stand in the queue of potential progress with them. World will keep on isolating Pakistanis.