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Everywhere on the Pakistani TV channels (read: News Channels since the only channels snatching ratings are news channels only and there no proper entertainment, science, kids specific channels operate here) and going frenzy over the defeat of PTI. PTI lost in punjab, PTI lost in Karachi and PTI lost here abd PTI lost there. It seems that there is a competition going on between Waseem Badamis and Tallat Hussains and Saleem Safis of our ‘news’ channels as to who can prove ‘better’ that PTI is just another political party of status quo. The new addition is Dr. (?) Amir Liaquat Hussain who is on the channels to crack corny jokes on the defeat of PTI in Karachi.

The local body elections were supposed to be a serious business of the state insofar as democracy is concerned but to much dismay the so called anchors have made it a joke. While hosting a show at ARY News, sometimes Amir Liaquat Hussain was seen making fun of Imran Khan and sometimes PTI partisans were termed as burgers and whole lot of anchors was laughing like kids whereas PTI representative Miss Naz Baloch was like lone warrior in between a patriarchal gathering!

Enough with prologue! The point I want to make here is that none of the so called anchors and intelligentsia raised the questions like,as to why the people, again went to elect those scoundrels:

  1.  Under whose rule they had seen Karachi transforming from city of lights to a city of garbage, filth and trash on roads.
  2. Under whose governments there was and is target killing sky rocketing.
  3. Whose governments facilitated the corruption to flourish.
  4. Who became proprietors of land and water Mafia.
  5. Who made the city a free for all city.
  6. Who made the rule of law a joke. You can kill someone and get away with it easily and it remains just another day for the state.
  7. Who didn’t allow mass transit projects t be executed in the largest city of Pakistan.

Yes, this was a victory day for PPPP and MQM! People are happy and anchors are happy that PTI has lost! It isn’t not PTI who has lost, it is the fate of Karachi who has lost. These anchors and media people don’t know what crime they are committing by instilling misoneism in the hearts of common Pakistani who has been deprived of its basic human rights like food, education, transport, and health and yet again by constant propaganda against PTI they have succeeded in proving that PTI is just another party. Since it was impossible for them to prove that PTI was better than other parties they thought it easy to prove this party like any other party and in this scenario they coerced this party to commit blunders as well.

Well congratulations Pakistan and Pakistani media’s Waseem Badamis you have succeeded by defeating the hope.

We are already 100 years behind the civilised world! Let it be 100 more years! Langras and Paharis and Saulat Mirzas in Karachi and Bhuttos and Zardars in Sind and sharifs in Punjab are there to rule you for the next 100 more years where

  1. Ishaq Dar will ensure that FDI becomes all time low or infitissimal and based on loans from IMF he will announce that foreign reserves have been increased
  2. Nawaz Sharif will ensure that show case projects like some flyovers and concrete and mortar and steel is up there to fool the nation and hospitals kids will keep on dying due to lack of food
  3. Bhuttos and Zardaris will ensure that interior Sind remains as backward as Stone Age
  4. Karachi will keep on witnessing first filth and grab age along with as old and poor transport infrastructure as that of sixteenth century!

Hail the Pakistani media and Pakistani nation you succeeded in your agenda!