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Sometimes (read: every time) we get so busy in our day to day life that we end up trusting media only , forgetting that mainstream media normally has an agenda! Mainstream media, print and electronic, cannot go against governmental policies all the time because of various reasons, one of which us advertisements quota. Anyway, coming back to the point, I just will just enumerate few observations as to what is happening in the Pakistan of 21st century (Emphasis is on 21st century)  and how conveniently, we Pakistanis have embraced short comings at state level and whither Pakistan at some other fronts. 

  1. Pakistan International Airlines, which once ruled the aviation world is all set to be sold by #Incompetent PMLN in the name of privatisation. All employees and stakeholders are on the streets to save the national flag career but at the end of the day it will be sold by autocratic regime of N League, without approval of senate and lower house. 
  2. LNG import deal has been made complete a mystery and no one knows the details of this deal. All we know from media is that it is being imported on rates lower than those of market (for example India is importing at way lesser tarriff than what Pakistan is planning to do. 
  3. Orange line metro train is being made another mystery and government has stated in court that it is part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor and hence its details cannot be shared. One wonders if CPEC is some sort of confidential program that it’s details are being classified and hidden and secondly what CPEC has to do with Orange Line Metro Train to run locally in Lahore. 
  4. Their is a mafia raj at Lahore Airport and tuck shop vendors are over charging about 200% of that of city rate under the behest of CAA and nobody complains. No receipts are provided to customers and the rate is kept hidden. 
  5. Un employment is at record level high.
  6. Prime Minister of Pakistan seldom (read: never) comes to parliament and parliament has been made rubber stamp. All key decisions are being taken away from parliament. The cabinet meetings has not been conducted for the last 140 days (as per Kamran Khan, Dunya News, 1-2-16). 
  7. The electricity shortage has worsened and even in winters the load shedding is at almost 4 – 5 hours a day on average in Lahore.
  8. The situation of press freedom can be assessed from the fact that renowned anchor Rauf Klasra has been barred from hosting his show since he was quite vocal against plundering and corruption of political scoundrels. 
  9. Mr. Uzair Baloch has been arrested and hype is being created in media that some big heads of PPP are going to roll after this arrest but I thing nothing will happen to him or PPP, since we witnessed the case of Dr. Asim and VIP protocol he is receiving. Justice delayed is always justice denied. 
  10. Court has ordered that Urdu to be made official language, ignoring the importance of English in today’s world. Our reverse gear continues. 
  11. Karachi has become an open garbage and municipality seems to be no where capable of providing adequate resources to get rid of it. 
  12. Interior Sind seems to be living in 17th century (my personal visit and observation) and even than PPP clean swept there in recent local body elections. 
  13. Qing Qi rickshaws keep on running on the roads without any formal legislation to declare such machine a vehicle and regularise it. 
  14. The concept of installing meters in Rickshaws and taxis is not there yet in Pakistan. It is all about bargaining. 
  15. Denominational Institutions are open and secular schools are closed amid security threats.

Even than nobody complains and nobody is responsible in Pakistan.