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It was 29th of February, when I woke up with the news of hanging of Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri. Though; I believe that there must be moratorium on capital punishment in Pakistan, where the justice system is not comparatively transparent as compared with other nations and that he must  have been interned for life, at maximum but let bygones be bygones. Now the point is, what is next?

International media has already started praising PMLN government for the paradigm shift from conservative right wing party to a liberal democratic party. But is this praise enough when in Pakistan itself there are hundreds of thousands of people come on roads of Rawalpindi to bid farewell to Mumtaz Qadri and all religious parties’ leaders attend the same. Doesn’t this mean that multitude is against hanging of Mumtaz Qadri? Since, they are planning for bigger demonstrations on Qadri’s chehlum and such practices seem to be continued for days to come. Recently when Nawaz Sharif was in Saudi Arabia, people chanted slogans in favour of Qadri in the presence of Chief of Army Staff. We witnessed the same thing happening at Karachi Airport with Pervaiz Rasheed. Let us not talk about the formidable situation when there will be Qadri’s mausoleum built etc for the moment since he is being considered now as a protagonist of the holy cause.

What we see now is a mere statement from Minister for Broadcasting Mr. Pervaiz Rasheed and rest there is death silence in the chambers of state as to why this hanging was necessary. It is the high time that state must tell the nation as to what crimes did Mumtaz Qadri commit. Right now there is an upheaval, though somehow silent, being built in the common man that state has murdered Mr. Qadri unlawfully, which must not be ignored. Almost every day we see the page long advertisements of PMLN’s so called achievements on securing loans till laying foundation stones of some projects or even approving some project but after the hanging of Mr. Qadri we didn’t see any advertisement or write up and any of the vernaculars, educating nation about the nature of crime(s) Qadri committed. State must take such measures as to build an opinion of the common man, educating the nation that nobody is above law and it is not under jurisdiction of  common citizens to be prosecutor, judge, jury, appellate court and executioner by themselves. It is only state’s responsibility to do so. Otherwise the chaos is imminent. State must take such measure to curb the situation right now and this would be the next step towards a plural democratic state after 21st amendment.

Secondly, it is the time when the role of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) is limited by state. If it is necessary to keep CII (since, parliament is enough for lawmaking), the role must (only) be to advise as to how the laws can be made Shariah compliant with today’s scientific world and that also upon request of elected representatives only. There must be reserved seats for scientists and civil activists so that head of the constitutional body doesn’t show ignorance towards scientific research.

If state won’t act by itself, it is bound to act on behest of those powers who shape the world and ultimately lead the world. Pakistan was not formed to be a parasite and rely on others’ policies. It has to lead show to the world its own culture, own laws which have oozed from this very land as a result of five thousand years of rich history and civilization. It has to evolve towards pluralistic democracy so that we must have something to offer to the world. Which we currently lack.