The Moment of Truth

Posted: April 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

It was that time, when the prerogatives of the institutions were being enhanced, new laws were being enacted and amendments introduced to the constitution in order to bring the accomplices of criminals and criminals themselves to the book. No one was repudiating even if someone had objection was showing sullen acquiescence with tears in the eyes.

It was not so long ago when the nation was swaying their heads on the tunes of the state institutions. Billions of corruption scandals of so-called scoundrels were being unearthed. The state machinery, from a Section Officer of Interior Ministry secretariat till top brass at GHQ, was working overtime to fight a legal battles from session courts to apex ones in order to get the judicial and physical remands of the corrupt, receive and type orders to put their names on Exit Control List.

That was the season when JIT reports were being promulgated and confessional statements were being streamed live on the social and mainstream media. Sturdy partisans were then being arrested from their hospitals, captured from abroad with fake foreign passports, red warrants were being issued and political parties were denouncing their affiliation with respective parties. Tables were being thumped in the Parliament and pressers were being held outside. The art of polemics was being reshaped when everyone seemed in accord at one point of thanking. Establishment, which was once focus of aspersions from political and civil society was then enjoying exalts from them. Every day was Thanksgiving Day.

Now say hello to the acquitting season as our own ‘herrenvolks’ are regaining the lost conceit. The then in power, whom garlands of thankyou were once presented, are now subject to the pelting of the words. Their ulterior motives are now expounded in public meetings. The stories of victimization are now dramatized by demagogues. We are told that it was a sacrilege to the sanctity of democracy when those evidences were being presented and accused were shown in handcuffs on TV screens. It is announced that courts have vindicated their stance of being as innocent as the newly born. The then powerful has condescend now.

Those who portrayed themselves as messiahs are now kneeling in front of the symbols of the so-called status quo. All those irrefutable, untenable and solid evidences once shown to the public in live transmissions prior to be presented in courts have no worth now. The arguments of felicitous counsels in front of judges are proven bosh. The money spent from exchequer to keep the accused in the safe precinct cannot be audited. The public who was expecting the commensurate sentence from the court is now busy waiting for judgement of the mother of all scams a.k.a. Panama Leaks.

No questions are now being asked nor a single eyebrow being raised as to why those piles evidences, which were collected, could not see the light of the day in the courtroom. If the evidences were not sufficient, why was there so much uproar? The multitude is now being fed with the story that those arrests were boondoggle, carried out ostentatiously.

It is the moment of truth for this Judicial System, when even Security Institutions and parliament, show no reliance on the efficacy of the Civilian Judicial System by introducing Military Courts and Jirga System. It seems the pundits have achieved the nirvana and realized that evidences, legal proceedings, counsels and live streaming on media is worthless till there is politicized prosecution. Courts can only pass judgements on the evidences being presented, withdrawn and most often manipulated. What will a judge do when the investigating officer is dishonest and is hiding fact in front of the court or politicized prosecution officer fails to produce witness on the hearing day? Yes! This is how politics and policing go hand in hand in my country. “Scoundrels” come out of the courtroom with the sign of victory and keep on inculcating the poor masses, “see court has acquitted me”!

Meanwhile, HRCP says that after executing in encounter, it is easy to declare all of them terrorists. Dear Innocent HRCP, don’t you think the security agencies know our judicial and prosecution system more than you? Baby Baby? Yes papa! Eating sugar? No papa! Telling Lies? No papa! Open your mouth! Ha ha ha.


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