The Moment of Truth

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It was that time, when the prerogatives of the institutions were being enhanced, new laws were being enacted and amendments introduced to the constitution in order to bring the accomplices of criminals and criminals themselves to the book. No one was repudiating even if someone had objection was showing sullen acquiescence with tears in the eyes.

It was not so long ago when the nation was swaying their heads on the tunes of the state institutions. Billions of corruption scandals of so-called scoundrels were being unearthed. The state machinery, from a Section Officer of Interior Ministry secretariat till top brass at GHQ, was working overtime to fight a legal battles from session courts to apex ones in order to get the judicial and physical remands of the corrupt, receive and type orders to put their names on Exit Control List.

That was the season when JIT reports were being promulgated and confessional statements were being streamed live on the social and mainstream media. Sturdy partisans were then being arrested from their hospitals, captured from abroad with fake foreign passports, red warrants were being issued and political parties were denouncing their affiliation with respective parties. Tables were being thumped in the Parliament and pressers were being held outside. The art of polemics was being reshaped when everyone seemed in accord at one point of thanking. Establishment, which was once focus of aspersions from political and civil society was then enjoying exalts from them. Every day was Thanksgiving Day.

Now say hello to the acquitting season as our own ‘herrenvolks’ are regaining the lost conceit. The then in power, whom garlands of thankyou were once presented, are now subject to the pelting of the words. Their ulterior motives are now expounded in public meetings. The stories of victimization are now dramatized by demagogues. We are told that it was a sacrilege to the sanctity of democracy when those evidences were being presented and accused were shown in handcuffs on TV screens. It is announced that courts have vindicated their stance of being as innocent as the newly born. The then powerful has condescend now.

Those who portrayed themselves as messiahs are now kneeling in front of the symbols of the so-called status quo. All those irrefutable, untenable and solid evidences once shown to the public in live transmissions prior to be presented in courts have no worth now. The arguments of felicitous counsels in front of judges are proven bosh. The money spent from exchequer to keep the accused in the safe precinct cannot be audited. The public who was expecting the commensurate sentence from the court is now busy waiting for judgement of the mother of all scams a.k.a. Panama Leaks.

No questions are now being asked nor a single eyebrow being raised as to why those piles evidences, which were collected, could not see the light of the day in the courtroom. If the evidences were not sufficient, why was there so much uproar? The multitude is now being fed with the story that those arrests were boondoggle, carried out ostentatiously.

It is the moment of truth for this Judicial System, when even Security Institutions and parliament, show no reliance on the efficacy of the Civilian Judicial System by introducing Military Courts and Jirga System. It seems the pundits have achieved the nirvana and realized that evidences, legal proceedings, counsels and live streaming on media is worthless till there is politicized prosecution. Courts can only pass judgements on the evidences being presented, withdrawn and most often manipulated. What will a judge do when the investigating officer is dishonest and is hiding fact in front of the court or politicized prosecution officer fails to produce witness on the hearing day? Yes! This is how politics and policing go hand in hand in my country. “Scoundrels” come out of the courtroom with the sign of victory and keep on inculcating the poor masses, “see court has acquitted me”!

Meanwhile, HRCP says that after executing in encounter, it is easy to declare all of them terrorists. Dear Innocent HRCP, don’t you think the security agencies know our judicial and prosecution system more than you? Baby Baby? Yes papa! Eating sugar? No papa! Telling Lies? No papa! Open your mouth! Ha ha ha.


ہر چند کہ اس سپر سٹور کے سامنے ہمہ وقت لوگوں کی بھیڑ رہتی ہے اور پارکنگ لگانے کے لیے کافی انتظار کرنا پڑتا ہے لیکن وہ میرا خوش قسمت دن تھا کہ مجھے فوراٗ ہی پارکنگ مل گیی اور وہ بھی بالکل سسپر سٹور کے سامنے۔ میں نے سلیقے اپنی فورڈ ایج، سپورٹس 7۔3 لیٹر، سپر مارکیٹ کے سامنےریورس پارک کر دی اور کچھ دیر تک گاڑی میں ہی 2۔106 ہم ایف ایم پر جنون کا ‘گھوم’ ختم ہونے کا انتظار کرتا اور سر دھنتا رہا۔ گانا ختم ہونے کے بعد گاڑی کا بے آواز انجن آف کیا اور سپر سٹور میں داخل ہوگیا۔ موبایئل سے پارکنگ ٹکٹ ڈالی اور اپنی بیگم کو کال کر کے بتایا کہ میں گراسری لسٹ گھر میں ہی بھول آیا ہوں- مجھے بڑھاپے کا طعنہ دینے کے بعد اس بھلی خاتون میں لسٹ مجھے واٹس ایپ کردی۔ دل سے ایک دعا واٹس ایپ بنانے والے کے لیئے نکلی اور میں شاپنگ میں مشغول ہو گیا۔ ایک ہاتھ سے شاپنگ ٹرالی کو دھکیلتے اور دوسرے ہاتھ سے ٹویٹرپر ٹویٹس، فیس بک پر سٹاکنگ اور گیم آف تھرونز کے آفیشل پیج پر نئے سیزن کا ٹیزر دیکھنے اور کمنٹ کرنے، واٹس ایپ پر لطیفے اور ثقیفے شیرنگ، واششنگٹن پوسٹ پر خبر کے نیچے کمنٹنگ اور آئی فون کی تیزی سے کم ہوتی ہوئی بیٹری کو دل ہی دل میں صلواتیں سنانے لگ گیا۔ خیر شاپنگ کرنے کے کیش کاونٹر پر موجود فلپینی کو بل ادا کیا اور دل ہی دل میں اسکی دردناک کہانی کا خاکہ بنایا کہ بیچاری کو کیا مجبوری ہوگی کہ سات سمندر پار یہاں پر کیش کاونٹر پر ملازمت کر رہی ہے جو اپنے نشیئ خاوند کے ساتھ اپنے دو بچوں کو بھی پال رہی ہوگی اور ماں بات سمیت اپنے بہن بھایئوں کی تعلیم کا خرچہ بھی اٹھا رہی ہو گی۔ “بل سر”، اس نے مسکرا کر بل میرے ہاتھ میں تھمایا اور میں یہ سوچتا ہوا باہر نکل آیا کہ قدرت میں انصاف نہیں ہے یا ہے یا انسانوں کو نظر نہیں آتا؟ جو نہ ہوتا میں تو کیا ہوتا؟

بہرحال باہر آیا گاڑی میں سامان رکھا اور پارکنگ سے گاڑی نکالی اور گھر کی طرف چل پڑا۔ تھوڑی دور جا کر مجھے کچھ مختلف احساس ہوا کہ گاڑی کی ڈرایونگ ویسی نہیں ہے جیسی تھوڑی دیر پہلے تک تھی۔ اس کی نیویگیشن بھی مختلف تھی اور ڈیش بورڈ بھی۔ سڑک کے کنارے گاڑی پارکنگ پر لگائی کہ نیچے اتر کے دیکھوں کی مسئلہ کیا ہے اور میں حیرت سے بے ہوش ہوتے ہوتے بچا کہ میری وہ گاڑی جس کا رنگ تھوڑی دیر پہلے تک میٹیلک پرل سیاہ تھا اب سفید میں بدل چکا تھا اور گاڑی کی میک بھی۔ ظاہر ہے یہ جاننے کے لیئے میرا آیئن سٹایئن یا ہارون رشید و اوریا مقبول جان والا “صاحب نظر” ہونا ضروری نہیں تھا کہ میں کسی اور کی گاڑی لے آیا تھا۔ میں نے سارے سوشل میڈیا پر لعنت بھیجی جس نے مجھے اتنا ڈسٹریکٹ کر دیا تھا کہ مجھے پتہ ہی نہ چلا کی میں کسی اور کی گاڑی لے آیا ہوں۔ ہور چوپو! پھرمیں نے سوچا کہ گاڑی کو یہ چابی کیسے لگ گئی۔ حیرتوں کا ایک پہاڑ تھا جو مجھ پر ٹوٹ رہا تھا کہ یہ انہونی کیسے ہوگئی ہے۔ ایک تو یہ پردیس تھا جہاں پر آپ سب کچھ کی امید کرسکتے ہیں مگرگاڑی چوری کی نہیں اور میں کسی کی گاڑی لے ایا تھا۔ دوسرے الفاظ میں میں کسی کی گاڑی چوری کر چکا تھا !!!! مگر کیسے؟ اب واپس جاتا ہوں تو سیکیورٹی گارڈ مجھے دھر لے گا۔ نہیں جاتا تو پھر بھی مسئلہ۔ میں کیہڑے پاسے جاواں، میں منجی کتھے ڈاھواں؟ بہرحال فیصلہ یہ کیا کہ گاڑی واپس لے جاتا ہوں اور سیکیورٹی گارڈ کو بولوں گا کہ میری گاڑی اس پارکنگ سے کسی نے ہٹائی اور یہ میری گاڑی کی چابی اسکو لگ گئی تو پتہ نہیں چلا۔ اس گاڑی کی چابی کی سایئنس کا تو میں بعد میں پتہ چلاوں گا کہ پہلے اپنی گاڑی تو لے آوں۔

سپر مارکیٹ پہنچا، سیکیورٹی گارڈ کو ڈھونڈ کر ساری صورتحال بتائی تو اس نے دور فٹ پاتھ کی دوسری طرف اشارہ کیا کہ آپ کی گاڑی وہاں کھڑی ہے جس کو ہم نے نئے رول کے تحت ہٹا دیا تھا کہ آپ یہاں پر پندرہ منٹ سے زیادہ گاڑی کھڑی نہیں کر سکتے اور چابی کی سایئنس کی بات کی تو سیکیورٹی گارڈ نے سیدھا سیدھا بتایا کہ اگر وہ ساینسدان ہوتا تو یہاں نہ ہوتا بلکہ لیب اٹینڈنٹ ہوتا۔ گاڑی سے پھر سامان نکالا کہ اسکو اپنی گاڑی میں منتقل کروں اور مسلسل یہ سوچتا ریا کہ اس گاڑی کو میری گاڑی کی چابی کیسے لگ گئی۔ یہ سوال سر درد بن گیا تھا اور ایسا لگ رہا تھا کہ میرا سر اسی سوچ سے پھٹ جائے گا۔

اب میں نے گراسری اٹھائی اور اس سپر سٹور پر لعنت بھیجی کہ آیندہ یہاں نہیں آنا اور دور اپنی گاڑی کی طرف چل پڑا۔ وہاں قریب پہنچ کرایک حیرتوں کا امتحان تھا جو باقی تھا کہ دور سے نظر آنے والی میری گاڑی میری نہیں تھی۔ وہ کوئی اور گاڑی تھی۔ یعنی کہ میری گاڑی چوری ہوچکی تھی -اس بے وفا کا شہر ہے اور ہم ہیں دوستو
اشکِ رواں کی نہر ھے اور ھم ھیں دوستو! اب میں نے یہ پلان بنا لیا تھا کہ کیسے اس کی رپورٹ درج کروا کہ اسی انشورنس کلیم کرنی ہے۔  پھر ایک دم مجھے اپنی گاڑی کا ہارن سنائی دیا جو بجتا ہی چلا جا ریا تھا۔ میں نے گاڑی کی چابی پر بار بار بزر بند کیا لیکن ہارن بند نے بند ہونا تھا نہ ہوا! میں ادھر ادھر دیکھ رہا تھا کہ آواز کہاں سے آ رہی ہے کہ اسی سر درد، ہارن کی آواز اور سوچوں کے دوران میری آنکھ کھل گیئ اور موبایئل پر “آفس شٹ” کا الارم بند کرنے کے بعد جو پہلی چیز میرے دماغ میں آئی وہ یہ تھی کہ میں تو اپنی گاڑی تین مہینے پہلے بیچ چکا تھا۔

In Defence of Justice

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Before staring, let me clarify myself that I am not a lawyer. I am just an ordinary citizen of Pakistan who looks at the injustice or delayed justice to fellow citizens and feel the pain. Often it seems that law is being served instead of the justice whereas law may or may not contain justice since judges are bound by law and evidences presented in front of them. Sometimes (Read: Most of the time) it seems obvious that crime is being/ has been committed, in the court it is appears totally otherwise. Sometimes the accused are apprehended based on some initial evidences. The proceedings continue for ages and then the accused are acquitted clean but the question remains as to who did corruption since there was hue and cry about and people suffered.

A similar example is the recent judgement about Ayaan Ali Vs Sate case in which the so-called super model is acquitted from the money laundering case, leaving common citizens of Pakistan, like me, astonished as to why was she apprehended at first place and when proven innocent why wasn’t there any action against responsible authorities. It is evident from the exit of Ayaan Ali from country, the day she got final clean chit, that there was a judgment, there were court proceedings, there was prosecution and then there was a defence. So, questions left answered, which may be stupid insofar as jurisprudence is concerned, just cannot be responded by chest thumping banters and flinging sundry legal terms and judgements at the heads of the common citizens.

The Judgement states and I quote, “Ayaan Ali was apprehended at ASF Counter in the Rawal Lounge of Benazir Bhutto International Airport, Islamabad, when Waqas ASI, of ASF, considering her suitcase as suspicious, conducted search of the same and recovered therefrom US Dollars 506800. He then handed her over to the Customs officials who booked her in the said case”.

So, why was she travelling with hefty amount of money with her? There is a clear FBR law as USD10, 000 can be taken outside of the country as cash. The paragraph 5 of the judgement states that when Ayaan was apprehended the stage of correct declaration of amount had not arrived. Now let’s take a break and try to find of the answers to the below:

  • Is there any order of precedence mentioned somewhere regarding stages of declaration? Isn’t it duty of the traveler to keep only prescribed amount of money with him/ her or any sum more than USD10, 000 can be taken by just declaring it?
  • But, why declare an unlawful money? Isn’t it as if I take any restricted item without prior approval with me to an airport with an intention to travel and when checked the same, I say, “oh I was going to declare that and after declaring I was going to travel with the same”.
  • What would have happened, anyway, after the declaration of amount? Would Customs let her go or apprehend her for trying to take more than prescribed amount of money outside of the country? In this case, officials arrested her, which seems to be the right thing to do at that point as she was carrying an amount, which was not allowed. Also if someone unlawfully, breaks into a house and when arrested he cannot say that it was duty of police to stop him.

By the way, at every airport the customs counter is the first one along with ASF Security so which stage was yet to be arrived? Secondly, Customs booked her, which clearly implies that Custom Officials were well aware of the situation, and could have told ASF to let her “declare” the amount. However, Custom officials remained silent and instead booked her in the case as she failed to declare the amount at first place. This raises eyebrows on the professionalism of the prosecution as to why this point was not contested and defence of the accused destroyed? Prosecution could have shown the plot plan of the airport to indicate the customs counter.

If Ayaan Ali’s intention, as she claimed, was not to travel with this much money, then what else was that? It is claimed that she wanted to give this money to her brother who was coming on the same flight. In the judgement, it is clearly mentioned that court wanted a probe by prosecution, with reference to this claim. Did prosecution carried out the same or something somewhere was compromised? For example, was the ticket, exit stamp on the passport and boarding pass of her brother was produced by petitioner (Ayaan Ali) in front of authorities in order to establish her claim? Well, the answer to this question may not see the light of the day.

Furthermore, where was she supposed to handover the money to her brother? Clearly, the airports are meant for travelling and not for money transaction. This claim further begs some more questions,

  • If her intention was not to travel but exchange of money, why wasn’t some place other than airport chosen?
  • Why weren’t financial institutions channels used to transfer the money to her brother’s account?
  • If she did not mean to travel, how was she allowed to enter the airport as it is mandatory to produce the travelling documents in order to enter the airport premises. If one is going to greet anyone, one won’t be allowed to go beyond Security Check and wait at Greetings Area.
  • If the intention was not to travel how was she able to access Rawal Lounge without necessary documents? The access to Rawal Lounge is restricted to passengers and dignitaries. Clearly, she is not one of the later and was a passenger with “intention” to travel otherwise would not access the lounge. Under which carpet I should hide the news of Ayaan Ali being supported by PA of some ex-president to access the airport?
  • At a first place officials maintained that they had the ticket and boarding pass of the accused but the judgement said otherwise.

This clearly indicates that prosecution was not up to the mark and correct evidences were not presented in the court in front of judges.

Ayaan Ali maintained that the money she was found with was earned by selling her property in Bahria Town. Now on which wall I should throw the earlier statements of FBR officials where they maintained that Bahria Town negated any such claim.

The material I am forced to buy is that, “you may travel with money more than the prescribed limit, with no details of source whatsoever. If customs book you for not declaring the same you may say the stage of declaration was not arrived yet and you may also negate your intention to travel even, citing that it was supposed to be delivered to such and such person at lounge”.

As a common citizen of Pakistan, I see loopholes and flaws in the Customs Law and unprofessionalism of politicized prosecution. Under such circumstances, none of prosecuting officer would dare make a case against or apprehend you.

The paragraph 6 of the judgement states that the act of taking foreign currency out of Pakistan beyond the prescribed limit was not immoral or anti-social in nature, but was technical and I keep on pondering upon the definitions of “Morality” and “Social” to find my answer(s).

Ladies and Gentlemen! On my way to the Stadium, I happened to stop along-with my motorcade at an eatery where I overheard someone that one had just finished two kilos of Rass Gullay and was requesting for Gulab Jaman to do Moon Metha. Oh well forget it, that is normal here.

Anyways, today is the best day of my life. Here I am standing tall in packed Gaddafi Stadium along-with President, Prime Minister, Chief of Army Staff, Chief Ministers from all provinces, Governors from all provinces, CJs from High and Supreme Court, Mayors and Deputy Mayors of all cities, Chairmen of Key Institutions like PEMRA, NADRA, IRSA, WAPDA, OGRA, Commandant of National Defence University and last but not least Chinese Delegation led by Chinese Premier. Give a big hand to all of them.

I can see those cricket lovers who had to cross five layer security, walk for five Kilometers, since their vehicles were not allowed in five Kilometer circle of the Stadium, had to reach the stadium three hours earlier than the start of match since as per security SOP the gates were supposed to be closed before the start of match. Look at you! You are cheering at the full power of your lungs in favor of your team. You are tired, bored and hungry and unconsciously having fear of being trapped in some security related situation but you don’t care. You are here for your team and that’s all what matters. There are scores of other people standing outside of the stadium trying to get in, getting tickets in black from nearby sugarcane juice seller and getting baton-charged by the police. I salute them.

I also salute those small and large business owners of Liberty Market, Main and Mini Market in Gulberg, Main Boulevard, Wahdat Road, Muslim Town Morh, and Ferozepur Road who had to shut down their business a day earlier than match owing to orders from CCPO Lahore. Remember we need to prove to the world that we are a safe country.

I would to like say hi to those students whose schools near the vicinity of the stadium were forced shutdown a couple of days earlier and even then they didn’t give a dime to it. Applause for them for joining PCB in order to defy the uneducated and ignorant terrorists.

I am happy for those Rikshaw drivers who always overcharge the passengers disembarking from Daewoo Bus and need to go to Valencia that they had to park their Rikshaws at their homes since they were not allowed to come near the stadium.

For those who were in need to visit to Hamid Latif or Jinnah Hospital and had to wait for ages to reach the destination due to traffic jam caused by newly introduced zing-zag type barriers and check points, I can offer my sympathies. But this is the price one has to pay while sending a message of being safe country.

Yes I know most of the key star international players who played in leg at neutral venue aren’t available today and we need to rely on the efficacy of some non-famous faces and this is a disappointment for many of the fans. There may be some compromises on the game strategy because the Key Diamond or Gold category players have refused to come. But again, ladies and gentlemen, listen to me carefully! Conducting PSL Final in Lahore is a matter of ego for me and my countrymen and my country and whole region from river Nile till Kashghar in China. That is why we are building CPEC and I am in discussion with Chinese authorities to make PSL a part of CPEC as well. Now a days Cricket has become more of a business. It is creating money. Who cares about game? Who wants to see star international players hitting sixes and fours and taking the game till last over? Who wants to play for country now? Who wants to come to the stadium just for the sake of watching a T 20 game? Some people are here to take selfie so that Q Mobile Selfie Moment can catch you. Many are here to Catch a Pepsi’s Caror. You, yes you sitting in Imran Khan Enclosure, wearing Imran Khan Chappal, are here to chant Go Nawaz Go. We are here to make money. We are here to deprive you off the outside food so that you can eat and drink from inside of the stadium at a three folds higher rate and that our sponsors are benefited. So now when it is established that the PSL mela is not for the sake of game but only for the sake of reaping the benefits of corporate culture, no one should mind if this Final is with International Players or not.

Like it is said that don’t see who is saying, see what is saying similarly here don’t bother about game, focus on what is the message being given to the world that we are safe country. The flood lights, laser lights and tap lights won’t show to the world that we have shut-down the city since all the lights will be on stadium which is safe. Hence, our goals of showing to the world that we are safe and resilient would reach from Mongolia till Papua New Guinea and from there till Tanzania and Argentina and soon teams from all would flock to Pakistan to play cricket, rugby, hockey and Pithoo Garam.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have taken much of your time but I won’t leave the rostrum till I sincerely offer my apologies, since my heart is breaking just by thinking that for couple of days you people are deprived of Butt Karahi, Fazl-e-Haq Tikka, Butt Sweets, Salt and Pepper, Dera, Hareesa and all eateries like that.

We are resilient and we will bounce back. Let the game begin.


ڈسلڈورف سے ایمسٹرڈیم آئیس ریل پر 260 کلومیٹر فی گھنٹا کے سفر کے دوران کوئی بلانڈ توبہ شکن بیر کے گھونٹ بھرنے کے بعد اپنے بوائے فرینڈ کے ساتھ بوس و کنار میں مصروف نظر آتی ہے اور کسی کے کان پر جوں نہیں رینگتی۔ بالکل اسی طرح جیسے ماہرہ خان لکس کے اشتہار میں جب فواد خان کی بانہوں میں، ایک ادا کے ساتھ  آنکھ دبا کر بولتی ہے “بس ذرا سا لکس” تو سارے گھر کے افراد اس کو ساتھ بیٹھ کر دیکھتے ہیں اور سنی ان سنی اور دیکھا ان دیکھا کر دیتے ہیں کہ ماہرہ خان بنیادی طور پر کیا پیغام دے رہی ہے؟ تاحد نگاہ پھیلے ہوئے گندم اور مکئی کے کھیتوں پر حرام خنزیر کا گوشت کھانے والے اور انکی فارمنگ کرنے والے جرمن کسان ہوائی جہاز سے کھاد اور کیڑے ماز ادویات کا چھڑکاو کرتے ہوئے نظر آتے ہیں جو  اب فصل کو کھاد لگانے  کے  بعد اپنے چھوٹے سے قصبے کے پب میں بیٹھ کرشراب کی چسکیاں لے کر اپنی سارے دن کی تھکاوٹ اتاریں گے،  اور ویک اینڈ پر اپنی موٹر بوٹ لے کر کسی جھیل میں مچھلیوں کا شکار کریں گے اور مچھلی پکڑنے کے بعد اس کو دوبارہ پانی میں پھینک کر واپس آجایئں گے – ڈسلڈورف سے 7771 کلومیٹر دور جھنگ کا کسان سارا دن دھوپ میں فصلوں پر قرض پر لی گئی کیڑے مار دوا کا سپرے کرنے کے آئے گا اور اپنے نفع نقصان کا حساب کتاب کرنے کے بعد جب یہ اندازہ لگائے گا کہ اس دفعہ بھی چوہدری شوگر مل نے پیسے وقت پر ادا نہیں کرنے تو  اس کی بلا جانے کہ بانو قدسیہ کی راجہ گدھ میں حرام اور حلال کا کیا فلسفہ بیان کیا گیا ہے، یہ گدھ کیا ہوتا ہے اور بانو آپا نے اسے اتنی نفرت انگیز چیز کیوں بنا کے رکھ دیا ہے۔۔ ایسا کیوں ہے کہ جیسے جیسے گدھ کی تعداد میں کمی آ رہی ہے چوہے اور کتے اتنی ہی رفتار سے بڑھ رہے ہیں اور یہ حرام کھانے اور پینے والا ڈاکٹر لنڈسے اوکس کون ہے جو ڈکلوفیناک نامی دوا پر پابندی کا مطالبہ کر رہا ہپے کہ وہ گدھ جو 1980 تک صرف ہندوپاک میں 30 ملین تھے اور اب ہزاروں میں رہ گیے ہیں انکی افزایش کی جاسکے  اور 7771 کلومیٹر دور وہ شراب پینے والا کسان خوشحال کیوں ہے اور وہ جس نے آج تک حرام کا ایک لقمہ نہیں چکھا اس معاشی حالت بہتر کیوں نہیں؟ لیکن اسکو یہ پتہ ہے کہ گدھ حرام پر پلتا ہے اور وہ انسان بھی جو غلط کام کرتا ہے وہ گدھ بلکہ راجہ گدھ ہے اور وہ راجہ گدھ اپنے ساتھ ساتھ اپنی نسلیں بھی ڈبو کر رکھ دیتا ہے اور اسکی نسلیں معذور اور اخلاق باحتہ پیدا ہوتی ہیں! گدھ مردہ باد! خیر، جب ریل کسی اسٹیشن پہ رکتی ہے تو دو باوردی ملازمین ایک برقی پلیٹ فارم لا کر ڈبے کے سامنے رکھ دیتے ہیں اور باقی مسافرین فطار بنا کر اس کے پیچھے کھڑے ہو جاتے ہیں۔ ابھی آپ ورطہء حیرت میں مبتلا ہوتے ہیں کیا ماجرا ہے تو ایک وہیل چیئر پر بیٹھا شخص نمودار ہوتا ہے، جس کو وہ برقی پلیٹ فارپ سلیقے اٹھا کر بوگی کے اندر پہنچا دیتا ہے اور وہ دروازے کے قریب خصوصی افراد کے لیئے مختص سیٹ پر آرام سے براجمان ہوجاتا ہے۔ لوگ اپنی اپنی نشتوں پر بیٹھ جاتے ہیں اور ریل چل پڑتی ہے۔ ایک معذور شخص کو اتنی عزت ملتے دیکھ کر آپ حیرت میں گم ہوتے ہیں کہ یہاں پر آئے روز خصوصی افراد کو اپنے حقوق کے لیئے مال روڈ کیوں بلاک کرنا پڑتی ہے؟ گدھ مردہ باد! ریل کب جرمنی سے ہالینڈ میں داخل ہوتی ہے کچھ پتہ نہیں چلتا۔ نا تو کو ئی امیگریشن کی لائن اور نا ہی کوئی خاردار تاریں یہاں اپنی ٹانگیں اٹھا اٹھا کر زمین پر مارنے اور غیر ملکی فوجیوں کو آنکھیں دکھانے کا ڈرامہ اور امیگریشن کی لمبی لمبی لایئنیں! گدھ مردہ باد! ہوائی چکیاں دکھائی دیتی ہیں جن سے اندازہ ہوتا کہ آپ ہالینڈ میں آگیے ہیں! وہی ہالینڈ جہاں  چرس تقریبا اسی طرح لیگل ہے جیسے شاہ جمال پر۔ لیکن شاہ جمال پر ڈھول کی تھاپ پر چرس صوفی نشہ بن جاتا ہے۔ گدھ مردہ باد! ایمسٹرڈیم میں اسی طرح کی ایک نہر ہے جیسے لاہور میں۔۔ ایمسٹرڈیم میں اسی طرح کا ریڈ لایٹ ایریا ہے جیسے لاہور کی ہیرا منڈی۔ فرق صرف یہ ہے کہ ادھر کی نہیر میں ہر وقت پانی بہتا ہے اور ٹورسٹ اس میں کشتی رانی کرتے ہیں، بیئر پیتے ہیں اور لاہور کی نہر میں کتے، گدھے، انسان اور بھینسیں ایک ساتھ نہاتے اور رفع حاجت کرتے ہیں اور بچے بڑے سڑک کے کنارے موجود بیلنے والے سے خرید کر گدلے گلاسوں میں گنے کا جوس پیتے ہیں۔ گدھ مردہ باد!  وہاں کے ریڈ لایئٹ ایریا میں کام کرنے والی طوایفوں کو قانونی تحفظ حاصل ہوتا ہے اور یہاں کی طوایفوں کو غیر قانونی۔ گدھ مردہ باد! وہاں بھی جمہوریت ہے اور یہاں بھی۔ وہاں کی جمہوریت بھی سرمایہ دار کی مرہون منت ہے یہاں بھی – وہاں کی جمہوریت پل بڑھ کے اور جوان ہو کے اب اپنی ٹانگیں قبر میں لٹکائے بیٹھی ہے اور یہاں کی جمہوریت ابھی پالنے سے باہر آنے کا نام نہیں لے رہی۔ گدھ مردہ باد! ۔ بریگزٹ، گریٹ ولڈرز، میرین لی پین، ٹرمپ، اردگان، مودی اسی “سرمائے سے خوف” کی علامت بن گیے جس نے پہلے سرحدوں کو ختم کیا اور اب قومی ریاستوں کے وجود کے درپے ہے اور تاریخ کی دوسری طرف بھاگنے کی کوشش میں ہیں۔  وہاں پر ایپل، گوگل، اوبر، سٹاربکس تارکین وطن کی حمایت میں ساراپا احتجاج کہ ان کے بغیر ملٹی نیشنل کمپنیوں کا وجود خطرے میں۔ وہی کمپنیاں جن کی وجہ سے جمہوریت کو دوم ملا! اسی سرمایہ دارانہ نظام نے اس قابل کیا کہ آج ووویجر۔1 6 بلین کلومیٹر دور سے مدہم نیلے نقطے کی تصویر بھیج چکا ہے اب اگر وہی گدھ  جمہوریت اپنی وجہ پیدایش یعنی  گدھ سودی نظام اور سودی سرمائے کے مقابلے میں “ٹرمپ” وغیرہ کی شکل میں آئے گی تو جیت کس گدھ کی ہونی ہے  یہ جاننے کے لیئے گدھ میڈیا دیکھنا اور پڑھنا ضروری نہیں ہے۔ یہاں تو یہ بھی معلوم نہیں ہے کس گدھ کا ساتھ دیا جائے؟ کس کے لیے یہ نعرہ لاگایا جائے کہ گدھ مردہ باد۔ کل کو گدھ سرمایہ داری اور گدھ جمہوریت کو بچانے کے لیئے گدھ سوشلزم مردہ باد کا نعرہ لگایا تھا آج کیا کریں؟ یہاں پر سرحدیں محفوظ کرنے کے لیئے جوہری میزایئل اور باڑیں اور یہ نعرہ کہ دشمن گدھ مردہ باد ۔ وہاں اگر مہاجرین کو دیس نکالا دیں ہم بھی تین تین دہایوں سے مقیم افغانوں پر زمین تنگ کریں، کہ اپنے حوف اور فکر معاش میں گھر بار چھوڑ کر آنے والے گدھ مردہ باد!! اور جب تک ادھر یہ سمجھ آنی ہے کہ جمہوریت گدھ ہے یا کوئی اور نظام! وہ نظام جس کو بچاتے بچاتے پاک سر زمین پچھلی تین دہایئوں سے لہو لہو ہے یا وہ نظام جس نے جمہوریت کو جنم دیا تب تک قومی ریاستیں اورسرحدیں قصہ پارینہ بن چکی ہوں گی، سرحدوں پردشمن فوجیوں کو آنکھیں دکھانے والے فوجی واپس بیرک میں آ گئے ہوں گے اور رانی توپوں میں زنگ لگنے کے بعد شائد کیڑے بھی پڑ چکے ہوں اور ماہرہ خان والے اشتہار کا “بس ذرا سا لکس” اپنی حکومت بنا چکا ہوگا، جمہوریت مارشل لاء کی طرح گالی بن گئی ہوگی-نجانے کونسا گدھ مردہ باد۔  جب تک ‘لکس’ کی حکومت نہیں آتی ڈسلدورف سے ایمسٹرڈیم کا سفر کرتے ہوئے بلانڈ توبہ شکن اسی طرح بیئر پیتی رہے گی اورکوئی مسافر اس کو دیکھنے کے بعد دیکھا ان دیکھا کر دے کا اور زیر لب بڑبڑائے گا  گدھ مردہ باد!

It was night of the not-so-cold 4th December when I landed in Karachi from Abu Dhabi via flight number EY200. I was there to conduct a site visit on 5th and 6th December for a PSO Project, which my company was bidding for. As per the instructions from my company’s Administration, the protocol officer from Regent Plaza was supposed to be available at arrival to pick me up and take me to the hotel but no one was there. After my several calls to hotel and a wait of almost 45 minutes, someone from hotel approached me and asked me to wait since some more guests were also coming on some domestic flight. I had to wait for some 15 minutes more when we were asked to sit in a car to escort us to the hotel.
Inside hotel there was another chaos. There were some 15 people standing in the queue ready for check-in while only two persons were attending them. I had to wait for almost half an hour more when finally I got the room key but the concierge forgot to ask for my ID card. I was shocked at such a non-professional behavior and when I reminded her about this requirement, her supervisor argued that she was a trainee and that issue was laughed away. Some bell boy was supposed to accompany me to the room but he wasn’t available.
As I reached my room, I was left astonished when the lights of the room weren’t working which were supposed to turn on after inserting the door key inside the designated slot. I called the reception and requested to fix this issue. After a while an electrician came and instead of fixing the electrical system he inserted the corner of the do-not-disturb card inside the slot and lights were on. I asked him to fix it properly but, again, he laughed it away and said, sir it works like that.
I was really disgusted at it, but I had to prepare notes for next day’s site visit and official work so I got myself busy and planned to switch the hotel the other day since my sixth sense was reminding myself of something worst to come.
It was around 2:15, 2:30 AM when I woke up with strange noise and smell. I ran towards the door to see what was happening outside. But I couldn’t open the door fully as the whole corridor was full of smoke. I immediately closed the door in order to prevent the smoke enter the room. As I saw it from the window which opened toward the pool side, the conflagration was spreading rapidly, people were running here and there like headless chickens. I could hear the people screaming for help. I also screamed at full power of my lungs. Fire brigade was not yet arrived and the smoke in the corridor was getting intense. People were breaking the windows so that they could either escape from there or get fresh air or both. I also broke the window of my room and tried to call fire brigade and reception but no one picked the call.
Now the situation was that I couldn’t go out of the building, from corridor, due to thick smoke and on the other hand, the only way out from the room was window where I could jump from. Please keep in mind that my room was on the eighth floor.
Meanwhile fire brigade was arrived and someone was announcing from ground to keep a wet towel on your mouth and nose. Now the situation was that my room was gradually being filled in with smoke both from corridor and outside and I couldn’t breathe. HVAC and Electricity which were working till now (like almost two hours after the fire broke) just gone off and I was getting almost fainted.
In panic, I called my home and told my dad that I was about to jump from the window and that might be my last call. He asked me to wait and don’t do that mistake as it was a pure suicide. After that call my whole family was informed and almost everyone called me to forbid me from jumping out of the window. I kept on sitting on the window with my one leg inside room and the other one hanging outside.
I tried to scream but couldn’t. I tried to think of my past but my mind had stopped working. The only thing which kept on striking my mind amidst screams of people jumping out of their windows and people shouting their room numbers, those shouting for ropes, ladders and help, someone shouting about the dead bodies lying in their rooms, was that in order to survive, I had to jump.
It was smoke all over. I was coughing and couldn’t walk a step. Last thing I remember falling down on the chair nearby when I heard the announcement that fire was put off. I again stood up, held my nerves and gathered my all power in my lungs to shout for help. Rangers were there on the seventh floor who heard my voice and rushed towards eighth floor. They opened the door and dragged me out. The intensity of smoke was reduced significantly when I was rescued and shown the way of emergency exit.
How did I came down, sat in an ambulance, reached Jinnah Hospital, got nebulized, got my mobile phone stolen, got discharged from the hospital, reached hotel again to collect my luggage and struggle to get my luggage where people were crying and shouting and fighting with management since they had lost they luggage and loved ones. Whole hotel seemed to be burnt into ashes but the management of hotel was acting like nothing serious had happened.
In the morning hotel was being washed, police had gathered, civil defense and firefighting teams were arguing with hotel management to collect the evidences and to find the root cause of fire, whereas hotel management was non cooperative with the authorities, and I was sitting outside with my luggage thinking about vulnerability of the life and threats posed by such heartless Saiths who open the hotels, give bribes to authorities and get the approvals. Hopeless, I am, that ever the responsibility will be fixed! Soon this hotel will be opened and blame will be on either late coming of the fire brigade or human error of the poor chef! No one will ever prosecute the real responsible person who, Approved the hotel to function when,
– fire alarm was malfunctioning
– Smoke detector were not working
– There wasn’t fire water system available in the hotel
– Fire retardant cables were not used
– HVAC kept of working for almost two hours after the incident and smoke spread via ducts and there was no automatic procedure turn the HVAC off upon detection of smoke
Since I am engineer and have hands on experience of the F&G system, as per standard, Fire retardant cables are used in fail safe manner as to activate the alarm when loop is broken. So if hotel management says that alarm didn’t work due to electrical cables or alarm system burnt, this is criminal on their part.
Moreover, where is the tax payer’s money going when there is no proper rescue system available in the metropolitan of the 20 million residents? It is 2016 and we don’t have rescue helicopters, proper ambulances with fitted oxygen and rescue equipment e.g., masks etc.
After residing abroad for almost a decade now and witnessing how the building laws are followed and rescue operations undertaken, I can safely say if such incident had happened in some other, even, semi developed country, no casualty would have happened!

At this moment Imran Khan stands at the verge of losing all his gains which he got in the past half a decade (since 30 October 2011). Why do I think that he is going to lose this battle with PMLN, will elaborate in the coming passage.

Currently Imran Khan has called for a Lock-down of Islamabad till Nawaz Sharif doesn’t present himself for accountability or resigns amidst the uproar and upheaval of Panama Paper Leaks. But did it all start only after Panama Papers were leaked? The answer is NO. Imran Khan has been on the roads since 2013 elections. In 2014 when Imran Khan was staging a sit-in in Islamabad he gave the slogan of Go-Nawaz-Go to the nation, implying that he won’t return till he has resignation of the Prime Minister in his hands. Then the sky witnessed that none of the skies fell on PMLN leadership.

Coming to the point, what is/ are the reason of Imran Khan’s failure? We will try to learn point-by-point.

  1. PMLN’s vicious media campaign against Imran Khan and using channels and newspapers constantly rant against him. Media is used, as always, to instill one thing in the minds of a common man that there is no hero or a leader. The other person is just like a common man. He is also corrupt just like other politicians and that is what PMLN has exploited insofar as Imran Khan’s so called charisma was concerned. Such aspersions as his drug taking habits etc. has done the damage.
  2. PMLN’s continuous advertisements in the Urdu and English papers about so called economic revolution despite the fact that Pakistan’s economy has been in perils since PMLN has taken over. But a common man whose biggest worry is to make both ends meet has no time to ponder on it. He sees ads, some concrete and mortar on the roads and takes such ads as truth and moves on.
  3. Extensive Social media bashing and abusing by PMLN’s social media cell which starts and ends at vituperation while maintaining constant stance that PTI people do abuses. In fact this is the culture of Punjab and other parts of the country that no one can comment on the political situation without using an abusive word. Again, the way PMLN social media cell has taken the culture of abuses to the next level while they compare N League’s thirty five years rule on sixty percent of Pakistan with PTI’s Three Years government in KPK is something really substantial. A common man using Twitter and Facebook considers blatant lies and rants of PMLN’s social media cell as a source of enjoyment and even those decisions taken by PTI in good faith are made a joke on such forums.
  4. Corruption is a culture in Pakistan and when PTI talks about ending corruption and starting a campaign against such evils, there starts a comparison by renowned journalists (while they pose to maintain their neutrality) with PTI’s government and it is proved that PTI is as much as corrupt as any other party.
  5. PTI has been emanated as the biggest right wing party in Pakistan. It is such decisions as sending the Women Protection Bill to Council of Islamic Ideology, giving aid to those denominational institutions which are considered as nurseries of Taliban had a backlash from progressive communities of the country. Imran Khan still maintains that Taliban fighting against Afghan Government are freedom fighters and suicide attacks are a reaction to the drone attacks etc. This kind of attitude has made the people of liberal approach keep a safe distance from PTI. Although PMLN is also a right wing party but the PTI is more at receiving end of insinuation since it was considered a party with liberal approach. Furthermore, when people like Orya Maqbool Jan are seen toeing the PTI’s line and inciting the people towards defiance and violence against police, people usually distant themselves from such activities.
  6. Imran Khan is short of vocabulary and thoughts. People are fed-up of his same speech (read: rhetoric).
  7. As claimed before elections, PTI has remained unable to do wonders in terms of development although the foundation stones of police reforms and law making has been setup will have long lasting effect but, I repeat, people want to see some red color busses, concrete and roads.
  8. There is a strong perception built among a common man that behind PTI there is establishment, which is taken as matter of abhorrence by intelligentsia.
  9. It seems that Imran khan has been unable to read through the geopolitical situation of Pakistan where Pakistan has been made to stand in the court to answer about anything and everything. Imran Khan also seems totally indifferent to the Kashmir cause, Indian atrocities and he has no idea that because of him Pakistan has been lagging behind lobbying at an international forum. He has just one point agenda to get rid of Nawaz Sharif on the roads because he is corrupt. He also knows, since Nawaz Sharif has strong hold in whole Punjab it is near to impossible to defeat him in elections.
  10. Last but not least, this time Imran Khan has made a big mistake by announcing locking down the capital which is never accepted by any state and establishment. Courtesy his antagonistic approaches, his journey from a real political leader to a demagogue has been cut short. Still one can hope that he succeeds in this fight against corruption.

One can write infinite reason as to why Imran Khan’s whole agitation against drone attacks till election rigging and till corruption of Nawaz Sharif is a failure but the main reason still holds good that Pakistani nation (mostly Punjab) don’t do agitation against oppressors. This is their history. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto once said that if any harm is done to him Himalayas will cry. Rest is history.