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At this moment Imran Khan stands at the verge of losing all his gains which he got in the past half a decade (since 30 October 2011). Why do I think that he is going to lose this battle with PMLN, will elaborate in the coming passage.

Currently Imran Khan has called for a Lock-down of Islamabad till Nawaz Sharif doesn’t present himself for accountability or resigns amidst the uproar and upheaval of Panama Paper Leaks. But did it all start only after Panama Papers were leaked? The answer is NO. Imran Khan has been on the roads since 2013 elections. In 2014 when Imran Khan was staging a sit-in in Islamabad he gave the slogan of Go-Nawaz-Go to the nation, implying that he won’t return till he has resignation of the Prime Minister in his hands. Then the sky witnessed that none of the skies fell on PMLN leadership.

Coming to the point, what is/ are the reason of Imran Khan’s failure? We will try to learn point-by-point.

  1. PMLN’s vicious media campaign against Imran Khan and using channels and newspapers constantly rant against him. Media is used, as always, to instill one thing in the minds of a common man that there is no hero or a leader. The other person is just like a common man. He is also corrupt just like other politicians and that is what PMLN has exploited insofar as Imran Khan’s so called charisma was concerned. Such aspersions as his drug taking habits etc. has done the damage.
  2. PMLN’s continuous advertisements in the Urdu and English papers about so called economic revolution despite the fact that Pakistan’s economy has been in perils since PMLN has taken over. But a common man whose biggest worry is to make both ends meet has no time to ponder on it. He sees ads, some concrete and mortar on the roads and takes such ads as truth and moves on.
  3. Extensive Social media bashing and abusing by PMLN’s social media cell which starts and ends at vituperation while maintaining constant stance that PTI people do abuses. In fact this is the culture of Punjab and other parts of the country that no one can comment on the political situation without using an abusive word. Again, the way PMLN social media cell has taken the culture of abuses to the next level while they compare N League’s thirty five years rule on sixty percent of Pakistan with PTI’s Three Years government in KPK is something really substantial. A common man using Twitter and Facebook considers blatant lies and rants of PMLN’s social media cell as a source of enjoyment and even those decisions taken by PTI in good faith are made a joke on such forums.
  4. Corruption is a culture in Pakistan and when PTI talks about ending corruption and starting a campaign against such evils, there starts a comparison by renowned journalists (while they pose to maintain their neutrality) with PTI’s government and it is proved that PTI is as much as corrupt as any other party.
  5. PTI has been emanated as the biggest right wing party in Pakistan. It is such decisions as sending the Women Protection Bill to Council of Islamic Ideology, giving aid to those denominational institutions which are considered as nurseries of Taliban had a backlash from progressive communities of the country. Imran Khan still maintains that Taliban fighting against Afghan Government are freedom fighters and suicide attacks are a reaction to the drone attacks etc. This kind of attitude has made the people of liberal approach keep a safe distance from PTI. Although PMLN is also a right wing party but the PTI is more at receiving end of insinuation since it was considered a party with liberal approach. Furthermore, when people like Orya Maqbool Jan are seen toeing the PTI’s line and inciting the people towards defiance and violence against police, people usually distant themselves from such activities.
  6. Imran Khan is short of vocabulary and thoughts. People are fed-up of his same speech (read: rhetoric).
  7. As claimed before elections, PTI has remained unable to do wonders in terms of development although the foundation stones of police reforms and law making has been setup will have long lasting effect but, I repeat, people want to see some red color busses, concrete and roads.
  8. There is a strong perception built among a common man that behind PTI there is establishment, which is taken as matter of abhorrence by intelligentsia.
  9. It seems that Imran khan has been unable to read through the geopolitical situation of Pakistan where Pakistan has been made to stand in the court to answer about anything and everything. Imran Khan also seems totally indifferent to the Kashmir cause, Indian atrocities and he has no idea that because of him Pakistan has been lagging behind lobbying at an international forum. He has just one point agenda to get rid of Nawaz Sharif on the roads because he is corrupt. He also knows, since Nawaz Sharif has strong hold in whole Punjab it is near to impossible to defeat him in elections.
  10. Last but not least, this time Imran Khan has made a big mistake by announcing locking down the capital which is never accepted by any state and establishment. Courtesy his antagonistic approaches, his journey from a real political leader to a demagogue has been cut short. Still one can hope that he succeeds in this fight against corruption.

One can write infinite reason as to why Imran Khan’s whole agitation against drone attacks till election rigging and till corruption of Nawaz Sharif is a failure but the main reason still holds good that Pakistani nation (mostly Punjab) don’t do agitation against oppressors. This is their history. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto once said that if any harm is done to him Himalayas will cry. Rest is history.



30 September 2015. By Staff Reporter:

United Nations: Nawaz Sharif during his speech in the United Nations General Assembly has vowed for a permanent seat at UNSC. Pakistan has already gained the overwhelming support from member countries already through her continuous and intense diplomatic efforts. The supporting countries included existing five permanent members.
Prime Ministers’ Speech to the assembly involved around the efforts of Pakistan to bring about the peace in the world, contribution towards achieving Human Rights goals, boosting economy, elevation of poverty and assistance paid to the neighboring countries from financial aspect. He made a solid ground regarding his plea for permanent seat. He accentuated the below major points in this regard;
“It is obvious today to the world as to why Pakistan deserves the permanent seat in UN Security Council. The world enjoys peace because of efforts of the Pakistan for bridging the gap between different civilizations, sects and religions. The once down trodden and dilapidated Afghanistan now enjoys peace is because of Pakistan who has helped Afghan people and military curb terrorism”, he proudly said.
Emphasizing on the economy and science and technology, insofar as Pakistan is concerned, he told the world, “The people of Pakistan have the largest per capita income in the world. In last five years the most research papers were published from Pakistan. In the field of space, robotics, medicine, medical sciences, agriculture sciences Pakistan has been extending the helping hand not only to its neighbors but to whole Africa and south America. Pakistan has been ranked as one of the top ranked country in export of doctors and technical staff. Pakistan has been launching the satellites for education purpose and for improving communication in the age of information not only for Pakistan but for other countries as well and has achieved numerous goals including harvesting the energy from space. There is still a lot to be done and achieve, however”.

Prime Minister also emphasized on the importance of the peace in the world. He impressed upon the world to take necessary measures as necessary to bring about peace in their countries. He said that the charity of the peace must begin at home. “Pakistan cities are amongst the top peaceful cities in the world” he mentioned providing reference to a latest survey in this regard. He also mentioned how Pakistan was striving to achieve the human rights goals. “We are striving to achieve gender equality, though Pakistan is inherently a tribal culture and patriarchal society we have achieved a lot in this regard. In Pakistan there is no minority based on ethnicity, language, race, creed or religion. In front of state all citizens are equal and Pakistani. This is what our founding father, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah taught us during is 11th August 1947’s speech”.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was given loud applause and the assembly went on to cheer for Pakistan for long when Prime Minister alluded to the succor provided to poor countries. “We have helped and are helping various countries set up their police systems, military, schools and colleges. Pakistan based multinational companies are doing the business from gold and copper mining and oil exploration and refining to building roads in almost all countries of the world. Some of those companies have the highest number of the employees. The Pakistan Fund for Education is renowned globally and is providing free education to the needy around the globe. The Pakistan Health Foundation is just a phone call away from anyone, since it has its presence around the globe”.

PM took this opportunity to stress on the climate change and preserving natural environment. “Today Pakistan maintains almost 25% of the forest in the country and such laws have been enacted which prevent not only cutting of the trees but also using the forest land for construction or housing purpose. Pakistan has one of the strictest environment policy”.

Nawaz Shraif iterated the fact as to how State of Pakistan resolved the Kashmir issue without indulging into any fight with India, who provoked many a times for a war, by just diplomacy and talks.

When concluding the speech he asked general assembly that it was the high time that Pakistan shall be given a permanent seat in security council in order to play a bigger role in the world politics and stabilizing the global peace.
It should be noted that Nawaz Sharif remained the focal point of the global media and his speech was broadcasted live on leading news channels with special discussion session on his speech. Nawaz Sharif’s such demand is being lauded all over the world and Pakistan is likely to become the permanent member of the UNSC in near future.


Note: This is a satire. I wish the above was true.

Now a days there is a lot of hue and cry is going on about China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and its future prospects termed as Game Changer in the world and making Pakistan an Asian Tiger. We are used to the term Asian Tiger now whenever, Nawaz Sharif, happens to be in power raises this slogan. Let’s leave it on the history and historians if Pakistan became and Asian Tiger or not in all those years of PMLN regime and focus on as to what does this “game changer” means.

Let’s discuss some key points which may be considered as Game Changer in the region:

  1. Changing the Fate of Kashmir?

The Economic Corridor will start from Chinese province Xingiang and enter Gilgit Baltistan. Here India comes into the scenario. India declares this territory of Gilgit Baltistan as hers and claims that it is Pakistan Occupied Kashmir which must be liberated and made part of (Indian Occupied) Jammu and Kashmir. Owing to this, new Delhi has taken an exception to this project and reportedly Indian Prime Minister termed this project as “un-acceptable” during his meeting with Chinese President.

Here, I see a silver lining in the dark clouds. As it is being reported that the project of economic corridor is of a strategic importance for China, we may see China playing its role in bringing both the countries to the negotiating table to find an amicable solution or dismemberment of this territory. Since, without resolving this issue the dream of CPEC may not be fulfilled in its true spirit. We will have to wait and see what kind of “game changing” solution is in the pipeline in this regard.

  1. Pakistan-Afghan Relations

Here is another game changing scenario which CPEC may yield for the betterment of Pak-Afghan war trodden people. Pakistan may be now looking towards better relation with Afghanistan shunning its policy of ‘strategic depth’. Similarly Afghanistan may have understood that having good relations with neighbor are more important than neighbor of the neighbor. Since the economic corridor is mainly meant to transport goods from China via the shortest route and import oil from (e.g.,) gulf in a similar manner the safety of this rout is of utmost importance to her. Pakistan has already announced the deployment of a dedicated army unit for the safety of economic corridor but it is not possible without eradicating the so called ‘safe heavens’ for terrorists on both sides of the Durand Line so as to ensure safety of the transport link as it passes through KPK and Northern Areas. In this scenario China will play a vital role in bringing about peace in the region and fighting the common enemy of terrorism also when China is investing in Afghanistan as well and the proposed corridor is likely to be utilized for Afghanistan Transit Trade as well.

  1. Progress in Local Manufacturing Sector

Due to load shedding and law and order situation (being main reasons) Pakistan’s Local Manufacturing Industry has been either on a spree of either shutting down or shifting to other countries like Bangladesh. Now there is a hope that our local industry may flourish since Government has announced the provision of Industrial Parks along the economic corridor. One may hope that Pakistan is not made the dumping ground of cheap Chinese products and focus is given on the local production to make most of the corridor to transport the material for export etc. If this happens it will be game changer for Pakistan in a positive manner otherwise. It will also prove to be a game changer for Pakistan if the local industry dies due to Chinese products ‘invasion’ in a negative manner. In this scenario, Pakistan will only act as a ‘post office’ or ‘Cargo’ company it is fate will be consumer market only!

  1. Are we being prepared for another adventure?

When the trumpeters of the Economic Corridor in Pakistan term this project as a game changer, one who is aware of the history of the territories comprising today’s Pakistan, gets scared. It has been around 30 years that Pakistan is in the state of the war. The generation born in early 80s have not seen this country in peace, ever. First we were fighting against communism in the name of Jihad and created thieves to counter thieves. One may be scared that in the war of communism and capitalism, now it might be the turn of communism to use the cheap labor of this region to fight a Holy War against capitalism. China’s one party system is like an inchoate religion. If it happens it will be the game changer in a theocratic society of Pakistan. State has already kept mute regarding persecution of Uygur Muslims by China and so are our religious parties.

The above is just a small activity to find out as to what is meant by ‘Game Changer’. Is there something concrete behind this slogan or it is just a hollow slogan, like we have been listening to since decades. Nevertheless, this project is epoch making and whole nation hopes that it augurs well. What country needs now is not a political leader but a statesman who could foresee at-least 100 years ahead from now and takes decisions as such.


Mursalan Haider


Twitter: @mursalan



What does 21st Amendment Mean

Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman is right in his apprehensions that the 21st Amendment to the constitution of Pakistan is basically passed by nascent secular Pakistan. The basic reason he is reproaching this amendment is because the world ‘religion’ is clubbed with terrorism. He also said that government wants to sabotage denominational schools or madrassahs under this amendment. He vowed that Pakistan won’t be allowed to be a secular country at any cost (but how he didn’t explain).

Since Maulana Sahab is also  graduate from madrassah, it was expected from him. He must know that time doesn’t travel backwards and will not ever. He must overcome his misoneism and accept the reality that Pakistan has been changed, as late as, post 16/12. The world aside, the state and civil society of Pakistan itself, doesn’t care if he thinks that terrorists don’t follow real religion and that terrorists have no religion etc because they themselves introduce them as holy warriors and use religion to justify their atrocities. No one also cares how execrable Maulana Sahab feel about this but the truth is that Pakistan was predicated on the secular principles only, i.e., democracy and plebiscite and that is her real fate. The hypocrisy of Maulana Sahab is evident when he is found showing his intransigence by bickering over secularism but simultaneously takes part in democratic processes of elections and reaps fruits of this outcome in the form of ministries and related perks. Till now I didn’t come across his address regarding any alternative form of government neither read his, book aside, a mere article in the papers as to what kind of system he wants. He is  always just found using religious sentiments of common man to use for his political gain. Sometimes by issuing fatwas that voting for his opponent is unlawful or his ballot symbol, the book, shouldn’t be open so that he can exploit the common man’s sentiments as the picture of closed book would be semblance of some holy one.

If Maulana Sahab was thinking that some coterie would keep on goading the religious sentiments, installing fear in the name of religion terrorize the masses, again, using religion and world would remain mute, and he would enjoy the perks of democracy and secularism while having entente cordiale with fanatics, he was doing it wrong. The fact is that in order to remain in this global village and to contribute positively therein, it is not acceptable. No matter how entrenched one’s beliefs are, in today’s world one is compelled to follow the human rights, religious freedom , security and other such secular democratic norms.  Pakistan is not an exception here. This was bound to happen that state defines categorically that in Pakistan terrorism emanates from wrong understanding of religion. Even though this development of separating state and religion is in its inchoate form, has stirred the fear out of Maulana Sahab that Pakistan is going to be secular.  Can somebody dare ask him, if he can be indifferent to the secularism spread all around him? Can he abandon democracy? Can he stop using currency notes? Can he imagine living without banks, luxury cars and all those scientific inventions which we take for granted? Can he stop requesting a secular country America to make him Prime Minister of Pakistan? If not then he should know that end of the day he will have to bite the bullet and accept the reality that Pakistan would become a secular country. His wishes, his protests and his antediluvian intransigent ideologies don’t matter in changing Pakistan.

Maulana Sahab is very eager that under this amendment, government is planning to raid madrassahs under the name of reforms and regularization. The fact is that, it is the need of the hour and high time that such instructions are regularized. I will just give one example as to how madrassahs or denominational schools need reforms as many of such institutions violate basic human rights.  When a kid’s future is decided by his parents at the age of five and he is admitted to a denominational school with a hope that he will one become ‘alim’, this is a human right violation since that kid is not being given chance to choose his future by himself. The reform needed would be like in normal school a student has the right to choose between humanities and science after 8th grade and further after 10th grade he chooses to become either doctor or engineer etc, similarly this should be the stage when student should choose a ‘religious studies’ group and after studying ‘pre-religious studies’, he should be allowed to join any madrassha. Pakistan anyways don’t need a lot of Alims, since we already have most Alims per capita in the world and still have chaos. We need only those alims who are by choice. Less Alims but better ones who know what are the requirements of the modern world how religion should cope with it.

The juncture which Pakistan is now standing at, is decisive. If Pakistan won’t change itself then the states who ‘call the shots’ would coerce Pakistan into it. Maulana Sahab’s fears are right. Pakistan is changing. This convulsion against religious extremism in Pakistan is now a reality and can’t be stopped. Quaid-e-Azam’s 11th August speech is inextricable from the very tenor of nascent Pakistan’s constitution.  Soon those who are on the other side of this epoch making event, due to their injudicious approach of not looking at the obvious, shall be forgotten by history and only those who become part of it, shall be remembered.

Faisalabad – December 8, 2014. PTI had announced to exercise its democratic right of protest by giving a “shutter down”. Punjab administration had started to manage things proactively and additional measures to keep law and order in place were being taken. For example; water cannons were brought from Sindh. I reckon that Punjab police had its CID or other sensitive department’s personnel deployed as well. I also fancy that some intelligence agencies under home department, or otherwise, would have their officials deployed, acting surreptitiously to capture anyone who tries to sabotage the law and (or) report the exact situation to Head Quarters.

Regardless of my optimistic imagination regarding Punjab Police’s safety and security measures there is something evident that numerous policemen were deployed in Faisalabad on That day.  The pictures and footages which aired on electronic media and published on print media, show serried rows of police in the background of persons with guns in their hands with clear intentions.  The faces of those coward ruffians are as clear as day light, holding pistols and sticks, courtesy presence of media at the spot.

Now after the fateful incident of Faisalabad, where one partisan of PTI was killed, my question is; why is it so hard for our police to capture the culprit and bring him to justice which is prerogative of citizens of Pakistan under the law and constitution. First failure was when police didn’t intervene during the affray between PMLN and PTI workers. It seems those people with weapons in their hands killing PTI worker were under auspices of police because it failed to stop the firing which resulted in the death of an innocent civilian. Now second failure is the dilatory strategy of police in capturing the culprits and producing them in front of court.

Police just cannot absolve itself in this fiasco to keep law and order and just rely on the efficacy of NADRA to advise the whereabouts of persons involved in crime? Is our Punjab police that incompetent that it cannot identify the persons involved in crime when officials were present at the spot? I am layman but even I can tell, if police has the will, it can resolve the murder case of Haq Nawaz only from information by cops present at the crime scene and reports from intelligence agencies as I hope that, their job is not limited to only advise the number of people present at a certain Jalsa, to media. One can, rightly, argue regarding possibility of political pressure on administration. Even, if someone is pressurizing the law enforcement agencies, then whose job is to rebuke? Or Punjab police has found an easy way out to get itself subjugated by despotism of law makers? If so, then on which wall should I throw the law, constitution, hope and ethical values? Is Jinnah’s advise to bureaucrats with tenor to keep themselves aloof from politics was only meant to be promulgated in official papers, written in bold in text books and then make fun of it by acting like personal servants of some political party ? If so then, no wonder,  this pandemonium in Pakistan will continue for next century also. Where constitution is flouted and law enforcement become a party, even the last ray of hope turns bleak.

A few days ago, an American school teacher was killed in Abu Dhabi in a shopping mall. The assassin was identified as a ‘burqa’ clad individual. Police didn’t even know the gender of the killer at that moment but the mystery was solved and culprit was captured within 48 hours of the incident. This only achievement of Abu Dhabi police is enough to put Punjab Police’s name in hall of shame when I compare it with the Faisalabad incident where the police was present and media showed the face of alleged killer as well, yet he was able to flee the crime scene and still remains at large.

There are only two scenarios. Either Punjab police is incompetent or is a party to crime. There is no excuse in presence of hundreds of cops and media to not to capture the culprit. I don’t blame any political party because this is what the politics of subcontinent is. Need of the hour is stand against tyranny and not to become part of it.

PTI claims that PMLN worker(s) killed its partisan, Haq Nawaz. I refute. He was not killed by any party’s worker but he is killed and his family members are being and shall be psychologically killed by politicized police of Punjab in a display of contemptible cowardice and incompetence.




injusticeThe more you read the history of Muslims of India and their political struggle; you realize that Muslims of subcontinent, I would talk specifically about Pakistan, are still at the same stage where Muslims of India had started their political journey for the betterment of a minority called Mohammendens in British India.


Here is an excerpt from the Presidential Address of Syed Ali Imam to the All India Muslim League’s second session held in Amritsar on 30-31 Dec 1908. In the section I would quote, Syed Ali Imam goes on to expound as to how Muslims League’s agenda is different from that of Congress and why lots of Mulsims had remained aloof from joining this party, but I would stop only to that section where League’s leader enumerates the major problems faced by then society as whole and especially Muslims.


Let’s read it and see where we stand today as those problems are still existing in Pakistan and Muslims have not gotten rid of this one tithe.


“The separation of judiciary from the executive, the repeal of degrading Colonial Ordinances, the extension of primary education, the adoption of measures of sanitation, the admission of Indians of all races in large numbers into the higher branches of the public service, discontinuance of official interference in matters of local self-government, reasonable reduction of military expenditure without endangering efficiency, recognition of the legitimate and patriotic desire of the warlike races of India to render military service as volunteers, the grant of commissions in army to Indians, equitable adjustment of Home Charges, limitation of revenue on land belonging to the State, establishment and development of village unions for the disposal of petty civil and criminal cases, encouragement and protection of indigenous arts and industries, the eradication of insolence, on one hand, and feeling of inferiority and mortification on the other, between the rulers and the ruled, are some of many grave questions of practical politics in India that equally effect all classes of our countrymen. …”


It is really disappointing that the problems we faced a hundred years back are still there even after we won an independent state of our own.


The tunnel vision of our current and previous leadership has utterly failed to overcome a single problem as cited above by a Muslim Leagues leader a hundred years back.


  1. Still judiciary is not separated from the executive and has worked and still working under the behest of civil and military dictators and rulers. The only thing our judicial has produced is red tape culture and doctrine of necessity. Dictators have been legalized and politically motivated verdicts have been given. Fingers are being raised on the legitimacy of the current judicial system of Pakistan in the wake of rigging in recent election of May 2013 and judiciary’s involvement therein.
  2. The hollow leadership has not been able to install proper self-government and they are still running away from it. For the past, almost one decade now (from 2008) Pakistan is without any proper self-government system.
  3. Primary education could not be extended in the past six decades the way it was supposed to and it has made Pakistan one of those countries with highest number of kids of school going age away from primary education.
  4. Minorities cannot even think of joining the higher posts in civil and military institutions.
  5. Military expenditure in Pakistan is sky high and still the country is most vulnerable of any terrorist attack at any bazar, market, public place and high sensitive areas.
  6. Land reforms in Pakistan seem a far cry now and issue from which India got rid just after independence.
  7. Village unions and reforms to resolve the petty criminal cases at local level is still not in place. It is a habit of Pakistan’s current and previous leadership to nominate the SHO of their own choice in the village whose duty is merely to protect the interests of the local MNAs and MPAs.
  8. Protection of indigenous arts and crafts is still a dream and remains of that are also being destroyed. Yes, for the photo session of the hollow leadership they do organize the fake festivals at the ruins of great ancient civilization of Mohenjo-Daro, sing songs, dance, eat and then vanish leaving behind the crying, moribund and hand-to-mouth poor artists. All this stage show is done by the public’s exchequer for the glory of personal who want-to-be leaders of this dilapidated society whose majority lives under huge stress to make both ends meet, living under 2 dollars a day.
  9. The public still faces insolation and mortification on daily basis just to quench the thirst of the ego and power of politicians who come to power just by rigging. This happens sometime by closing the public roads, sometimes we see this happening when people are made to stand in long queues to get rashan. Sometimes this happens when a tribal man is deprived of its basic rights under the name of FCR, even after British left the subcontinent. Sometimes when a deserving candidate cannot get the post because of nepotism.


List goes on but it is evident like a sun in the sunny day that our whole leadership in the past and present has been failed miserably to provide to this country, even basic needs for which a common man is crying for the last century. On the roads, it is not traffic but chaos. In the offices the corruption is breaking all time high records. Who was supposed to even teach the public how to behave, who was supposed to provide the citizens a civic sense? This was the job of political leadership but instead of making this country a better place of living, it has been made Gahanna, people are going more and more into privation and society is moribund. We, our leadership, our politicians and bureaucracy has flouted the tenor of those resolutions and charters on which the existence of Pakistan was predicated.


All so called elections and reforms we have seen have only made Pakistan desolated and dilapidated.


We are for sure living in an era of 1908 insofar as the problems faced by a common man are concerned.





1. A Common man is frustrated

A common Pakistani is quite frustrated. He is disturbed due to lack of justice and social inequality makes him annoyed and rebel against the government. He thinks it is right and his right to make others suffer the way he is. It is not just because he is going through a trauma; it is mainly because what he sees around himself.  Social inequality, poverty, joblessness, domestic issues and on the other-side carpeted roads, SUVs, rout protocol of VIPs. He wants to get rid of this socioeconomic culture prevailing in Pakistan just in a flash. He is peripatetic like a headless chicken, he is confused, he is leaderless, he is hopeless and he is desperate to change the system.

Same was with this man Sikandar who out of sheer frustration went on to challenge the security institutions of country. He wanted the release of his son from Dubai Jail.

2. If you are powerful (Pakistani), snatch your ‘right’

It is now becoming order of the day to use power to make your demands. It only takes couple of guns, two small kids and a feared wife to jam the whole city. The theory behind this act to use power and family as human shield is snatch your right as nobody will not offer it to you in the plate. A common man already doesn’t have trust in the social justice system. He has listened so much lies and faced betrayals from people of his trust that it makes a common a man think that he is right in his demands even if he is wrong. Also what he sees around is the same, what powerful people do. People who have power can come and abduct a prime minister’s son, dacoits can use power and make Punjab police retreat, some well powerful gang can break the jail even, a policeman gives the ticket to some powerful guy fearing his job, a poor road hostess has to face slaps if she is late in bringing water to her customer, Karachi extortionist mafia and the list goes on.

Now Sikandar’s son might be in jail because of some crime but he went on to demanding the release of his son as he might have thought that his imprisonment wasn’t justified and by use of power he can force the government to meet his demands. Sikander might have to think tens of time before taking such a step in UAE which has zero tolerance policy for such acts.

3. Religion is the best selling commodity in Pakistan

One of the demands of Sikandar was to impose Shariah Law in the country. Don’t get surprised on this. It is common in Pakistan to use religion in every walk of life, right or wrong, doesn’t matter. If your business, politics, propaganda against your rivals, law making in the parliament and using religion for political gain , sports and day-to-day chores are mixed with religion (in Pakistan especially) you have the sympathies of the public. Sikandar knew it and that why along-with his main demand of release of his son from Dubai jail he considered it worthwhile to use religion to gain sympathies of the public. Till date Taliban are using power to make Pakistan a theological state and government is still on the way make a policy to counter them.

Sikandar was no different. He thought, he had power, hostages and his demands mixed with religion. Who would dare go against him?

4. Security Agencies lack Morale

The fiasco of police to counter Mr. Sikander at the very first check post or within half an hour of his firing unveils how much morale of our forces is down. They lack courage and due to political and judicial pressures, the decision making capacity of our police is vanishing day by day. Its first example we saw in the DI Jail Break scenario when guards opened the doors by themselves for Taliban and hid in the drains. Second we saw yesterday when Islamabad police was looking towards Aabpara and political leadership for the orders and it took more than 5.5 hours to get rid of Mr. Sikandar and how the culprit was removed from the scene is itself a big question mark. What could have been done was to cordon off the area from the public and take the action immediately after camouflaging the area, e.g., building smoke screen etc and commandoes would have captured him but, there seemed nobody to take decision at that moment to take a decision. Sometimes media reported that snipers had been called and sometimes that Interior minister had ordered to capture Mr. Sikandar alive.

Police allowed a third person to enter the scene in the disguise of negotiator with an aim to capture Mr. Sikandar. It is still not clear if it was police was aware of Mr. Zamurd Khan’s plans or it was his own decision. If it was Mr. Zamurd Khan’s own decision, he must be tried for risking his and the Sikandar’s family’s lives. Mr. Zamurd wasn’t well equipped and fell down. He could have been easily shot.

5. Political leadership is incompetent

Imagine that a country’s capital is under siege. A single armed had taken whole nation (via media) and his family hostage  to force the government to meet his unprecedented demands. All the channels start showing it live. Whole country sticks to the TVs to watch the end of that saga, Conspiracy theories start brewing, police starts searching the culprit’s home in Hafizabad District, people start getting to know the family tree of Mr. Sikandar but wait; where is interior ministry? Why is no SOP made to encounter such a situation? If there was SOP in place what was hindering police to act upon? Now when this drama has come to an end, Nawaz Sharif has ordered the enquiry in to the matter which would advise as to whose fault was this that he entered Islamabad with weapons and whose responsibility was to capture him? Applause Mr. PM, applause. Where ere you yesterday when all that happened and are you telling the nation that our security agencies FIA, Police, IB, CID, ISI have not been provided with any kind of SOP to deal with such matters? Why was he able to take unlicensed automatic weapons with him and how it was possible for him to take a room in Islamabad hotel by telling his fake ID? Please don’t put the blame to the last regime. You and your party have in power in this country for the last circa thirty years. I hope this enquiry report shall not be kept in the cabinet of some section officer till another such situation is created in the capital. It is just like every year our country is flooded and every years our political leadership visit the flooded areas, rant slogans but there is no concrete policy to encounter it.

This incompetence is the reason that people lack trust in the government and its agencies (not only in security agencies but also other institutions as well) and allow people like Mr. Zamurd Khan to enter the scene and bag the ‘hero award’. What we need is real heroes from the government agencies not who enter the scene via parachute.